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“Abortion tutorial” videos popping up in Chile

abortion tutorialby Carder

Abortion may be entirely illegal in Chile, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways.

Shocking mock, do-it-yourself abortion guides have popped up on YouTube as part of a disturbing public ad campaign in support of legalizing abortion in the predominantly Roman Catholic country in cases of rape or medical complications.

In the “abortion tutorial” video series, one woman demonstrates how to fall, stomach first, onto a fire hydrant while walking on a pair of broken stiletto heels. Another woman demonstrates how to get hit by a car.

“Make sure the car hits you head-on, stomach (to) bumper,” she instructs before stepping out in front of a traffic light.

~ Nina Golgowski, New York Daily News, June 8

Pro-life blog buzz 3-27-15

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Secular Pro-Life says using signs for sidewalk counseling in front of abortion facilities can be good… or it can be very bad, depending on the kind of signs being displayed.
  • Wesley J. Smith says that unfortunately, another of his predictions is coming true. Doctors needing organs for transplant may soon seek to harvest organs from those whose death is considered “imminent”:

    I have repeatedly warned about articles published in medical and bioethics journals advocating killing the profoundly disabled or dying for their organs. The assault on the “dead donor rule” has now filtered down to the popular media. The Atlantic has an article advocating that dying patients be killed for their organs rather than having to actually, you know, die first….

    Allowing doctors to kill patients during organ harvesting would be an acute threat, particularly in a medical milieu growing increasingly utilitarian in outlook, cost cutting in approach, and devaluing of the equal worth of all human life.

    Knowing that doctors would kill for organs? I can’t think of a better way to sow distrust for the healthcare system generally, and organ transplant medicine specifically.


  • Suzy B features an editorial from Carly Fiorina on the urgent need to pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would prohibit abortion after 20 weeks gestation. Fiorina writes:

    Science supports those of us that believe in the sanctity of life. At 20 weeks, or five months into a pregnancy, an unborn child feels pain. At 20 weeks of life, an unborn child can suck his thumb, yawn, stretch, and make faces. An unborn child at 20 weeks IS a human life. The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (S.1670) protects the unborn in limiting abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy; it is legislation that is vital in protecting the dignity of life.

    This is legislation that, polls show, 60% of Americans support. Despite our disputes throughout this nation on abortion, most Americans recognize that these procedures are cruel, are tragically most often elective, and must stop. We are a compassionate society and must apply our principles to all, not just the born.”

    Fiorina made similar remarks at the Iowa Freedom Summit in January.

  • Pro-Life Action League says it is not too late for you to sponsor a Way of the Cross on Good Friday in front of your local abortion facility. Check their locations and if your city is not listed, they have online all materials needed to sponsor one.
  • ProWomanProLife is pleased to see doctors taking a stand and fighting for their conscience rights in Canada. A group of physicians is challenging Ontario’s College of Physicians and Surgeons which “requires doctors unwilling to provide certain care, such as prescriptions for contraception, to refer patients in good faith to a ‘non-objecting, available, and accessible’ physician… [and] in medical emergencies… would be required to perform procedures themselves” or face disciplinary action.
  • Right to Life of Michigan shares two pro-life television ads that will begin airing soon (see more videos at the RTL MI YouTube page, under Compassion Project). One deals with children conceived from rape and the other with post-abortion pain. These short ads bring great awareness. This ad, below, tells part of Shauna’s powerful story:
YouTube Preview Image

[Photo via zimbio.com]

Pro-life blog buzz 9-16-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Saynsumthn’s Blog is also covering the story out of Rockford, Illinois, which reveals that “some Rockford Police officers are refusing to work in the former death mill which city leaders are considering using as a police station.”


  • At Bound4Life, Stacie Kuhns reveals the fact that abortion is available to 11-year-olds in most states… but Chapstick? Now, that’s another story:

    The assistant superintendent of administration for Augusta County Public Schools informed reporters that Chapstick is considered an over-the-counter medication by the school board. In Augusta County Public Schools, Chapstick may only be administered by a school nurse and only if a physician has prescribed its use.

    When viewed without a national context, this may seem like a somewhat silly story about bureaucracy gone too far. However, it is outrageous and infuriating when you consider that a child may need a physician’s note to apply Chapstick — but, in 26 states and Washington, D.C., teenagers and pre-teens don’t even need parental permission to obtain an abortion.

  • Big Blue Wave quotes a NYMag.com article which recounts the work of an abortion doula. It is interesting that the doula has to distract herself from the child, reminding herself that it is the woman’s future aspirations that really matter to her:

    The fetus comes out easily; they put it in the bucket and shove it near me. It is fully intact, curled on its left side, fists closed, knees bent up. He sleeps just like you, I think. Then, a second thought, an act of distancing: He looks more like an alien than a person. I have, by this point, seen lots of women and lots of fetuses, and the sight of the second doesn’t change my feelings about the first. The mourning for what could have been is countered by an appreciation for what is — a woman’s life, allowed to proceed as she wants it to.

  • Live Action News features an interview with Dave Sterrett of OnlineForLife.org regarding the do’s and don’ts of sidewalk counseling, in light of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling “striking down an anti-sidewalk counseling buffer zone law enacted in Massachusetts in 2007”:

    It’s encouraging to read that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court acknowledges that sidewalk counselors are focused on compassionate interaction with those entering abortion clinics. Unfortunately, many Americans still base their opinions of sidewalk counselors on what is reported by the liberal media. According to this portrayal, pro-life activists — specifically sidewalk counselors — are often perceived as antagonistic, incendiary, and confrontational.


  • Abolish Human Abortion has a thought provoking post and graphic (pictured right) regarding the sin of silence and inaction:

    Count the cost of your fear. Who are you afraid of? Will you invest what the Lord has given you? Will you hear on that last day “Well done, my good and faithful servant?”

  • At Ethika Politika, Alana Newman says “we don’t need more sexual education, we need more virtues education” to solve many of the life issues our society is facing:

    All of the virtues play into our fertility or marriageability. And if virtues and trustworthiness are too slow to develop, we may miss out on our natural fertility window. If a certain amount of virtues education is not observed after the wedding day there will be more divorces — which I’ve come to understand increases the use of egg donors and surrogates as divorced women in their 40s and 50s seek to remarry and bond their new relationship with a child, or remedy loneliness as single mothers by choice.

    … It’s not enough to slap hands and bemoan the use of IVF and sold gametes or wombs….

    For our fertility and flourishing too we must confront our rotten roots, the root of evil, our fallen selves. If you hate abortion, and trends of surrogacy and third party reproduction, then give glory and attention to the established virtues. Teach the people in your life about moral truths — for your sake and the sake of a coming generation.

  • Abstinence Clearinghouse features a three-minute video of a “talented young lady [who] exposes abortion for what is really is through a… spoken word performance.” Unfortunately (and unsurprisingly), the “pro-choice” comments for this YouTube video are vitriolic and laced with obscenities. Just par for the course with many hardcore abortion supporters:
YouTube Preview Image

[Image via eagnews.org]

Poet for life speaks against the new “civil war”

shawn welcomeby Carder

All in the name of freedom. Party like a rock-star while little ones are dying. Silent screams from injected saline and dreams you will never hear because little lungs were punctured before they could fully function. Who will be a voice for the voiceless?…

How many freight trains of injustice will roll by behind church buildings while service inside sings louder? Hands in the air, pump up the volume… drowning out the rumblings of oppression.

No formal funerals, miniature caskets, only the likes of medical waste to manage. Tell me, how many pounds of flesh do you pick up for profit?…

… And when will that ‘waste’ begin to weigh down on your conscience?

~ Performance poet Shawn Welcome in his YouTube video “The New Civil War: Abortion!” , as reported by pro-life activist Alveda King, Newsmax, July 16

Pro-life blog buzz 7-11-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • At ProLife365, Kevin Kukla shows how the redefinition of “pregnancy” and “conception” have changed over the years, by a deliberate choice on the part of contraception proponents. Kukla writes, “Did you know that the moment your life began depends on which decade you were born in?”


  • Pro-Life in TN discusses the left’s newest hero, rising Democrat star Lucy Flores, who is running for lieutenant governor of Nevada. A young Hispanic, raised in poverty as one of 13 children, Flores reached her newfound fame by disclosing that she once had an abortion and has no regrets. But Slate, reports:

    Her eyes welled up and her voice caught as she described how she’d convinced her father to pay the $200 cost for the procedure.

Sounds like Flores might need to work on her “I’m not sorry” demeanor.

  • Suzy B unearths two decades-old videos in which NFL players boldly encourage women to choose life for their babies instead of abortion. Wow, how things have changed!
  • ProLife NZ cross posts an article from Christian Answers, responding to the claim that pro-lifers are unjustly trying to impose their morality on others:

    Although it does not seriously damage their entire position, it is interesting to note that many abortion-rights advocates do not hesitate to impose their moral perspective on others when they call for the use of other people’s tax dollars (many of whom do not approve of this use of funds) to help pay for the abortions of poor women.


sherri shepherd

  • With the increased use of surrogacy and IVF, children seem to have become another commodity. Wesley J. Smith discusses how The View host Sherri Shepherd (pictured right, with estranged husband Lamar Sally) has decided she wants nothing to do with the preborn child who was conceived using a donor egg and her husband’s sperm – because her marriage is falling apart. She has appealed to the judge to release her from the contract, as she has no biological connection to the baby. Smith writes:

    This is the culture we are allowing to emerge. If she wanted the baby, it’s hers by right of contract.

She doesn’t want the baby? Well, it’s only a purchased product anyway.

Per an article in the Daily Mail, Shepherd has booked herself for a gospel festival on the due date. She has also admitted to having “a lot of abortions” in her past.

  • Stand True shares the heartwarming story of pro-life activist Brice Griffin, who kept the secret of her past abortion from her children. With the help and encouragement of pro-life leaders, she was able to release the secret and share her testimony with her children.
  • On their YouTube page, CitizenLink shares a video in which they counter the liberal “Does this look like a person?” meme against the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of Hobby Lobby:


YouTube Preview Image

[Photos via Lucy Flores Democrat for Lt. Governor/Facebook; Daily Mail]

Stanek wkend Q: Is the push for unconditional acceptance of abortion hurting or helping the pro-choice side?

Josie Cunningham Emily Letts abortionColumnist Eva Wiseman wrote at The Guardian wrote:

Pro-choicers are facing some uncomfortable truths….

When, at the end of April, escort, aspiring glamour model and mother-of-two Josie Cunningham [pictured top right] told the Sunday Mirror she was planning an abortion to ensure her place on Big Brother, there was mild uproar. The earliest response was from Mirror readers, 93% of whom said they’d boycott Big Brother if she appeared on the show… These alongside disgusted tweets from high-profile doctors and liberal commentators….

A week or so later, a YouTube video of an abortion went viral. The clip, by 25-year-old abortion counsellor Emily Letts [pictured bottom right], focuses on her face as she breathes, calmly, through the short procedure. At the end she says: “I feel good.”…

Again, the reaction has been fierce – both from anti-abortion protestors… and from those who are passionately pro-choice….

For me? The reactions have illustrated a widening gap between the theory of being pro-choice and the real, day-to-day “Oh sh**… oh well” of abortion….

These two cases have brought uncomfortable truths about many pro-choicers’ feelings to the surface. They’ve shown that many believe that not only are there right and wrong reasons to get an abortion but that women’s (legal, considered) decisions are up for examination….

There is no right or wrong reason for a woman to get an abortion, and there is no right or wrong way for her to feel about it. For pro-choicers, there should be no confusion.

Similarly, columnist Jessica Valenti wrote at The Guardian:

I think abortion should be legal without any restrictions – no parental consent laws, no mandated ultrasounds, no waiting periods, no bans on late term abortions and no bans on federal funding for abortion….

If that were the law of the land, it would also mean an end to rape and incest exceptions – because we wouldn’t need them. Women wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) have to prove that their abortion is of the “acceptable” variety. We wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) have to pretend that women who are forced into sex are somehow more deserving of medical care than women who chose to have sex. We could rid ourselves of the hierarchy of “good” and “bad” abortions.

I particularly found Valenti’s thoughts on the rape/incest exception quite interesting.

It’s true that to decry abortion in any way is to cast judgment on the act itself.

Is it possible to expect people who consider themselves “pro-choice” to reach this level of acceptance? Or is pushing this level of acceptance working in favor of the pro-life position?


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Planned Parenthood charges $20 to watch a video

Planned Parenthood Keystone is the gift that just keeps giving, although I’m sure any closely scrutinized Planned Parenthood would render equally appalling information.

PP Keystone is an affiliate that covers “37 counties in Pennsylvania, home to over half of Pennsylvania residents,” according to its website. “We operate 17 medical centers that serve over 52,00 patients annually.”

Last week we learned about unsanitary conditions at one of those centers, and yesterday we learned about the slave wages PP Keystone pays, particularly atrocious when compared to the insurance premiums it charges the same workers, nearly equal to the wages.

Today I learned that PP Keystone charges abortion patients $20 to watch a video.

When I spoke by phone to a PP Keystone abortion sales agent, I was told the “information session,” which she explained is watching a video containing what  plannedparenthoodpa.org describes as a “mandated lecture,” is an add-on fee to the cost of an early abortion, which, she said, ranges from $310-440.

The origin of the video is the 1989 Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act, which includes, per PP:

… A mandated lecture with materials produced by the state. This lecture includes outdated and exaggerated information, and was included in the law as an attempt to convince women not to go forward with the procedure. There is no other medical procedure in existence which includes similar protocol.

For a woman under the age of 18, before the 24-hour waiting period goes into effect, a parent must come in to witness the mandated lecture.

In medical terminology this is called “informed consent,” and I beg to differ with PP that “no other medical procedure in existence includes similar protocol.” The reason the PA legislature had to write the law is because abortion is the only medical procedure in existence where consent is as uninformed as possible.

Abortion is also the only medical procedure in existence where one apparently has to pay extra for informed consent – consent that takes no staff time except to push a button. So the video actually saves clinics money.

The $20 fee is one of those slimy sales gimmicks we are all familiar with where the price of a product or service is jacked up upon delivery for “extras” one should not have to pay extra for.

PP claims to care about poor and disadvantaged but sure seems to find ways to squeeze more out of them.

Red Box charges 20 times less to rent a DVD, and at least you get to keep it overnight.

In this case, PP doesn’t want the video to leave its property, nor is it available on YouTube. Wonder why.