Bella dvd goes on sale today

bella dvd.jpgI’ve been tracking the movie Bella a year, since before it opened.
The Bella dvd goes on sale today. An email yesterday from its tireless promoters said Bella was the most popular presell dvd in its category yesterday on Amazon.
Bella tells the story of a world famous Latin soccer star who sinks into oblivion after accidentally killing a little girl. His life is set back on course when encountering a pregnant mother in crisis. Bella is a life-affirming, award-winning movie.
The aforementioned email said Bella’s star, hunky and very nice Eduardo Verastegui, was to appear on Fox’s Cavuto yesterday or today, O’Reilly yesterday, and The Today Show today at 10a EST. I can’t find anything on the Fox website so don’t think Eduardo appeared on a Fox show yesterday, unless someone saw something. Hoping it’s tonight.
Here’s the latest trailer on Bella. Love Wild Horses

Eduardo’s life story is inspiring. Watch a video here. View Eduardo as the male lead in Jennifer Lopez’s 2001 music video, Ain’t It Funny. And here’s Eduardo’s 2000 music video, Yo no se perder, produced by Gloria and Emilio Estefan.

18 thoughts on “Bella dvd goes on sale today”

  1. I’m watching the Today Show and he’s not on there yet and they haven’t said anything about him being on there yet..but it’s a Mother’s Day he might still be on..I’ll keep you updated.

  2. Elizabeth,
    Just turned on the Today Show, sounds like he’ll be on the 10:00 AM Show (CST). Hope so!

  3. Bella is on my to rent list from Blockbuster Total Access. So, I definitely will be eager to watch it.

  4. It’s a Mother’s Day anniversary gift for my wife, assuming it arrives by the weekend!

  5. That didn’t take long. I’ll bet they’ll be showing it on cable in less than a year.

  6. That J-Lo video was pathetic. He didn’t do much except look very very hot!
    Boy am I ever glad Eduardo got his act together. Faith and beauty – what an irresistible combination!
    I’ll be one happy Bella customer!

  7. Patricia: Isn’t he beautiful? I loved his comment on the Today Show when asked about being a heart throb, he said what’s important to him are the things that last. I hope he finds a wonderful wife and has lots of pro-life babies!

  8. Janet,
    “I hope he finds a wonderful wife and has lots of pro-life babies!”
    :raises hand eagerly:
    I volunteer for THAT job for sure!

  9. I got my rental copy in the mail today and have it on (should probably go watch it).
    If its really good, I’ll recommend it to my brother in law and sister to rent one night after the kids are in bed.

  10. Elizabeth,
    You’re so funny. Sound’s like a plan! Go to Eduardo’s website, he said you can enter a contest to win a private screening of Bella at your house, Eduardo’s included. If you win, you HAVE to invite me! Lol.

  11. Oh man Janet! I’m so there! I don’t know if I could watch the movie with him there..I’d be too caught up with all my staring and drooling. You can bring the bucket for me though!

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