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The Alliance Defense Fund plans a Sept. pastor revolt to defy a 1954 IRS tax amendment stripping churches and pastors of the right to discuss politics and candidates. ADF hopes this will spark a court battle ultimately finding it unconstitutional. Should pastors and churches be free to discuss politics?

49.4% got last week’s poll question right…

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I got that question from the Priests for Life website, and Fr. Pavone responded:

Those who said “No” have heard the same erroneous legal advice that many of our bishops and priests have heard. The attorneys who give such advice need to go to summer school, because the law does not prohibit us from saying this. And even if it did, we would say it anyway, because abortion is an injustice which leaves us no excuse for silence.

The difference between this and last week’s question? Discussing generic positions or beliefs vs. discussing specific candidates or parties.
If you voted, find your personal brightly colored flag on the map below. Note the difference in answers between Americans and our International friends. They all thought pastors making such a statement would violate their church’s tax exempt status, or pastors should MYOB on the topic. Interesting. Click to enlarge:
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