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I am a brand new board member of Pregnancy Aid South Suburbs, a network of 3
pregnancy care centers and 1 maternity home located in the southwest suburbs of Chicago.
Tomorrow is PASS’s annual Hike for Life, 1 of 2 annual fundraisers that is very important to PASS’s financial stability….

I’ve known the leaders of PASS since 1999, when they became involved in trying to stop abortion at Christ Hospital. In fact, the 1st place I spoke publicly about my experience was at a PASS banquet.
Pregnancy care centers are in dire need of our help. In honor of Mother’s Day, please help mothers in crisis carry their babies to term. Please give the
largest amount possible.
It couldn’t be easier. Go to my sponsor page and post your pledge on PASS’s secure site. You can pay now by credit card if you like, or you can choose to receive a reminder in the mail.
Thank you in advance for your generosity! My goal is $1,000 and I’ve just come on board, so I really need your help!
UPDATE, 5/10, 7:45a: I’m off to the Hike. Will post Weekend Question and new poll later.
Please consider donating to PASS through the weekend. I was blown away yesterday when within a couple hours after posting my request and sending an mail alert, you had donated over $800 – and my goal was $1,000! So I bumped it up to $1,500. This morning I see your pledges are up to $1,380! I’m so appreciative. Meanwhile, my friend Fran has issued a challenge to her readers at Illinois Review to compete with us. Fun!
A couple commenters did not see on my pledge page that you can check a box to have PASS mail your pledge if you don’t want to pay by credit card. I wanted to draw that to your attention. Thanks again for your generosity.
UPDATE, 5/10, 7:15p: Hey, you have made my goal – $1,500! Thanks so much!
P.S. Don’t let that stop you… :)

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