poll%20graphic%20correct%20size.bmpThe new poll question is up:

A t-shirt with this logo was recently made available: “When environmentalists start saving babies, I will start saving trees!” Thoughts? Choose up to 2 answers.

Re: last week’s poll, about midweek a faithful reader wrote wondering if liberals were emailing friends to skew the poll to favor Democrats

slide 1 6-14.JPG
I checked, and it turned out our International friends were actually the ones doing the skewing. Either they don’t want the American Congress to shut down, or they support the concept of activist judges more than we do. I’d sure like to hear their thoughts. Come on, comment! We won’t bite!
Click on one of the maps below to enlarge to find your personal brightly colored flag:
slide 2 6-14.JPG
slide 3 6-14.JPG
As always, make comments to either this or last week’s poll here, not on the Vizu website.

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