Time magazine revealed last week at least eight students at Gloucester High School in MA have entered into a “pact,” according to Principal Joseph Sullivan, to get pregnant and raise their babies together….
Sullivan has now gone mum, certainly after school and city lawyers told him to shut up….

carolyn kirk.jpg

It’s no wonder Gloucester Mayor Carolyn Kirk disallowed Sullivan from speaking at her June 23 press conference, telling the world he had gone “foggy in his memory,” and there was “no evidence” of a pregnancy pact….
Kirk tried to shift blame for the pregnancies to state and federal government funding reductions “resulting in cuts to programs and services… including support for health education.”
Not so fast. Last spring, MA Gov. Deval Patrick rejected $700,000 in free money for abstinence teaching from the federal government. Meanwhile, Patrick approved a budget increase of $800,000 for comprehensive sex ed funding, bringing the total to
$3.8 million annually….
Had this been a school system that taught abstinence, you’d best believe sex ed would be central to the story.
Had Patrick rejected comprehensive sex ed funding and increased abstinence funding, the New York Times would be pointing it out, not me….

Continue reading my column today, “What the media is ignoring about the pregnancy pact,” on WorldNetDaily.com.
[Photo of Kirk courtesy of Agencies]

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