(Prolifer)ations 6-9-08

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  • For the ridiculously dishonest cloning scientist file – here’s an article on how researchers in Australia are hoping to get permission to attempt to create cloned human embryos. To a certain extent, I feel sorry for the reporter whom Professor Richard Boyd seemed intent on misleading. The article claims they want to clone “human embryo cells” and not the reality that they’re trying to clone human embryos. Boyd calls human embryos created via cloning “so-called embryos” and “embryonic form(s)” and also claims allowing cloning will bring Australia in line with “the rest of the world.”…

  • From the University of Wisconsin-Madison News:

    “Highly religious audiences are different from less religious audiences. They are looking for different things, bringing different things to the table,” explains Scheufele. “It is not about providing religious audiences with more scientific information. In fact, many of them are already highly informed about stem cell research, so more information makes little difference in terms of influencing public support. And that’s not good or bad. That’s just what the data show.”

    So everyone opposed to killing human embryos for research isn’t ignorant about the research. Who knew? Here’s the study’s abstract.

  • The intestine (and likely some other organs) have different types of adult stem cells. University of Utah researchers think this finding will make treating patients with certain conditions more complicated but allow researchers to fine-tune treatments.
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  • Nat Hentoff thinks AK Governor Sarah Palin would make an ideal running mate for John McCain:

    However, as a longtime reporter on disability rights, I have discovered that many fetuses so diagnosed have been aborted by parents who have been advised by their doctors to end the pregnancies because of the future “imperfect quality of life” of such children.
    Palin’s first reaction to the diagnosis (her youngest child was diagnosed with Down Syndrome while in the womb) was to research the facts about the condition, since “I’ve never had problems with my other pregnancies.” As a result, she and her husband, Todd, never had any doubt they would have the child…..
    And her presence could highlight Barack Obama’s extremist abortion views on whether certain lives are worth living, even a child born after a botched abortion.

  • Wesley Smith comments on a report that human nasal stem cells have been used to create dopamine-producing cells in the brains of rats.
  • Here’s a video of Calla Papademas sharing her egg-donation story, noting the side effects she had after injecting herself with Lupron (a drug used to hyperstimulate the ovaries into releasing more eggs).
    [Photo of Sarah and Todd Palin and baby boy Trig courtesy of celebrity-babies.com]

  • 17 thoughts on “(Prolifer)ations 6-9-08”

    1. One of my cousins has down syndrome. There are varying degrees and most people with it can lead as full a life as anyone else. They can work and have a career, get married. No one is perfect but we deal with it.

    2. Governor Palin.
      Was she invited to McCain’s compound in Arizona along with the rest of the VP hopefuls?
      Has she expressed interest in the position?
      Her husband is cute, BTW.
      I kinda like the “Palin for Vice President” idea already.

    3. Are you not appalled that people like your cousin are killed in the womb for being diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Jess? I am sure your cousin has added much to your life.

    4. Carla, I am appalled that there are doctors out there who don’t know or care that people with down syndrome are just people like us and no one is perfect, but should know no one is perfect and people with down syndrome are still people who are just the same as you or me.
      And one of my cousins were aborted. About thirty years ago, to save my aunts life. And she has added much to my life : )

    5. Sorry kinda repeated myself there.
      I have a bad sunburn on my back, I asked my friend to lotion me up and now I just have a bunch of pale hand prints on me : (
      I think capitalism is great, except when it comes to your body. We aren’t cars, we don’t need accessories or whatever. My Dad brought up everything we’re doing for Ted Kennedy, but he’s a rich powerful man so what do you expect them to do? But when it comes to me or my Grandma or I’m sure many of you, we aren’t so lucky.

    6. I am a strong fan of Mike Huckabee. When he dropped out of the race, I was disappointed. I can not vote for the democrats this time, because they are pro-choice. Whether I vote for John Mc Cain or not is going to depend on who he has for a vice president. If I like who he chooses for a VP running mate, then I will vote for him. Otherwise I will vote for a write-in candidate.
      Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin are both choices that will get John Mc Cain my vote. Mike Huckabee supports the Human Life Amendment, which I also support. Sarah Palin earns my kudos for giving life to a Downs Syndrome baby. In this way she shows her commitment to the sanctity of human life in a society where life seems to be getting cheaper by the day.
      With a candidate as old as Mc Cain, the quality of the VP is going to be a major issue. So let’s pray that Mc Cain picks wisely. Most importantly, let’s hope he picks someone who is extremely pro-life.

    7. I kinda like the “Palin for Vice President” idea already.
      Carder, if Monty Python is involved, I’m in.

    8. Christina: 5:30: AM: My favorite quote about Down syndrome: Love doesn’t count chromosomes.
      Nor does love abort.

    9. To quote another blogger:
      “If John McCain doesn’t choose Sarah Palin, he might have to plead temporary insanity.”

    10. I recently saw (today)a interview on C-span that was taped on 2-28-08 and when Sarah Palin was asked about her family there she replied that she had 4 children with no mention about her pregnancy or reference to a new addition.
      If she is pro life then why would she not mention this when specifically asked. I wonder about this.

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