While pro-lifers debate whether the 2008 SD ballot initiative banning almost all abortions and the CO initiative declaring personhood from the moment of fertilization are good ideas, here is a thought from the other side. Quoting from the Communist publication Workers World, June 6:
overwhelmed 2.jpg

“These situations like South Dakota and Colorado are going to keep playing out all over the country. They are very difficult to fight on a state by state basis, especially when leaders for reproductive rights are entangled in the electoral process, believing that somehow Democrats are going to protect women’s rights.” ~ Debbie Johnson of the Detroit Action Network For Reproductive Rights

Debbie is embroiled in her own fight in MI, where on May 27 her Democrat-controlled House betrayed her and passed a state partial birth abortion ban, which the Republican-controlled Senate passed earlier this year.
Democrat Pro-abort Gov. Jennifer Granholm is expected to veto the ban, as she did in 2003, which a citizen petition drive is expected to override, which it also did in 2003.
Pro-lifers must always bear in mind the concept of war. The reasons we introduce legislation and initiatives are many, aside from the obvious. One is to drain the enemy’s resources. Another is to give them a sense of being overwhelmed.

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