nea great.gif The inexplicably pro-abortion National Education Association is holding its national conference in DC this week as our state affiliates across the country.
(Who can forget infamous late-term abortionist George Tiller being invited to speak at a conference at NEA headquarters in March, which Students for Life caught on videotape?)
Yesterday pro-lifers held protests not only at the DC annual meeting site but at NEA meetings across the country. The goal, according to a statement by Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, an organization of young people born after abortion was legalized on January 22, 1973: “to persuade the NEA… leadership to repeal its abortion-related resolutions and policies and to become neutral on abortion.”
Added Gingi Edmonds, Survivors spokesperson…

Teachers devoted to serving children should never sanction the killing of innocent babies and future students. An association that lessens the value of the human lives they are striving to serve is a tragedy and should not be supported. This picket is an opportunity for men and women dedicated to protecting children to take action. The time and money being spent on promoting abortion and pro-abortion candidates by the CA Teachers Association and NEA is hypocritical and destructive, and it is time to stop.

The DC protest included the Family Research Council and “nearly a dozen other groups,” according to an FRC statement, along with NEA members and delegates. Also in attendance were Nellie Gray of March for Life, Jim Sedlak of the American Life League, and Peter Shinn of Pro-Life Unity. See videos of speakers here.
Our own proofreader Angela participated in the protest of the Milwaukee Education Association meeting in WI, sponsored by Missionaries to the Preborn.