Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Colleen W.
On the blogs today…

  • The Montgomery Advertiser reports a woman has been charged with manslaughter for causing the death of her unborn child. Jennifer Darlene Johnson, who was 26-30 weeks pregnant, said her water was broken when she went to the hospital. Her child was pronounced dead on delivery, but professionals determined the umbilical cord had been severed on purpose before the child was delivered. She was later arrested….

  • Alexa from Forest Nymph links to a World Net Daily article on the pro-life black leaders’ protest of the NAACP in Cincinnati Monday. There they called on the NAACP “to oppose a ‘slick racist’ – Margaret Sanger – and her life’s work, the abortion-industry leader Planned Parenthood,” according to Day Gardner, president of the National Black Pro-Life Union and one of the leaders protesting, who added, “the biggest struggle for civil rights today is for the civil rights of the unborn child.”
    confederate flag.jpgBut apparently the NAACP has more important things to do than oppose the racist genocide of abortion. Instead, as La Shawn Barber reports, linking to a USA Today article, continuing opposition to the Confederate Flag is a much better use of time. In La Shawn’s sarcastic words, “Very useful! That’s what I’m talking about. Quite important stuff they’re doing. Life-changing ideas, indeed, sure to advance colored people. Keep up the good work.”