I reported earlier in the week that 8 Republican senators held a forum to spotlight the Democrat obstruction of judicial confirmations. This Congress has only confirmed 10 of President Bush’s Circuit Court nominees (one step below the US Supreme Court), an unprecedented small number.
Today, Majority Leader Reid allowed the confirmation of 2 District Court judges (2 steps below the Supremes), trying to obfuscate his stonewall on more important confirmations. This after stating on the Senate floor the issue of judge confirmations is not important:

Housing is a difficult problem. Energy, a difficult problem with gas prices. Global warming. Education. But I’m telling you, Madam President, I can’t ever remember going home and somebody telling me and saying, could you guys do some more judges?

fighting dems gop.gifBut Minority Leader McConnell wasn’t placated and stepped up his own blockage of business to keep up the pressue:
To that end, several events occurred today to underscore – again the Democrats’ refusal to confirm Circuit Court nominees.
First, Judiciary Committee Republicans boycotted today’s hearing, thereby preventing it from occurring….

Throughout the day McConnell, Specter, and other members of the caucus either spoke or participated in a colloquy on the topic.
Finally, McConnell blocked several committees from meeting by invoking the 2-hour rule. These were:

  • Environmental & Public Works
  • Homeland Security & Government Affairs (full committee and subcommittee hearings)
  • Indian Affairs
  • Judiciary Committee
  • All these actions resulted in Reid finally having to shut down the Senate Floor this afternoon.
    Very good.

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