DNC day 2-4 i love pro-choice boys.jpgTo the right, an interesting t-shirt I spotted on the way to The Big Tent this morning.
I cannot fathom why girls would knowingly hook up with boys who, they know ahead of time, would encourage them to abort their child after an oopsie. Pro-life boys, at least, would accept responsibility.
And what difference does it ultimately make? Fathers have no say in the life or death of their preborn children anyway. Pro-life boys will lament the death of unique human offspring created together; pro-choice boys will not only celebrate finding perpetual free sex, but also excapism from fatherhood.
Seems to me this girl is a walking advertisement for a good time at the DNC….

Whatever. Moving on, I thought you might like to see my working environment, so here’s a photo of me this morning with my fellow bloggers in the background:
DNC day 2-1 JLS.jpg
Yesterday I received an anti-McCain condom here; today it was a button.
Also, greenness is huge here; our table service is even compostable. There is a compost trash can next to the regular and recyclable trashes. Some of my conservative friends will worry I’ve gone to the dark side because there is an element of environmentalism I connect with. Earth and everything in it is God’s creation and should be treated with respect.
But as I explained to a fellow blogger yesterday, who became beside himself when I said I didn’t believe in the theory of global warming, liberals have taken a good thing too far, worshipping the earth as god and placing a higher priority on plant and animal life than on human life.
I told this fellow about Barack Obama, btw. He didn’t believe me.
DNC 2 signs.jpg
Famous people also drop by The Big Tent. Dan Rather is speaking upstairs right now on new media and MSM (which, I caught him saying, he didn’t consider himself a part of when I ran up to get a photo). CO US Senator Ken Salazar dropped by a little while ago.
rather salazar.jpg
By sheer “luck”, the only other conservative blogger and I happened to sit by each other today(! ), Conn Carroll of the Heritage Foundation.