Going for the Swing Vote

That “ad” was aired in the recently released movie Swing Vote, about “lovable loser” Bud Johnson, i.e., Kevin Costner, whose vote in the presidential election will determine the winner. Don’t ask me how; I didn’t see it. But that’s the set-up….

The two candidates begin courting Johnson. The ad above is by the newly converted pro-life Democrat. Others will find it awful, and it really is, when given the subject. But I had to laugh at the accurate portrayal of political pandering.
Johnson’s 12-year-old daughter Molly apparently talked pro-Roe sense into her dad after learning he may be – gasp – pro-life. Of course.
Here’s another funny ad, this one by the newly converted pro-gay Republican candidate:

[HT: Fran at Illinois Review]

8 thoughts on “Going for the Swing Vote”

  1. I saw the movie and personally could not believe how people laughed when children where poofed out showing abortion and how children would not be here.
    I guess as someone coerced into abortion myself, and knowing so many who are suffering, I found nothing funny about it…

  2. Theresa and Carla:
    Anyone can do wrong and everyone does wrong. It’s courageous people like you two who admit it, turn, and become wounded warriors in the greatest battle of our time, that fill me with joy.
    Theresa, could you expound on what happened? Your testimony might keep a girl or woman who is contemplating an abortion from following through with it, thereby saving a baby from death and its countless descendants.
    Love to you both.
    Regarding this part of the film. It’s obviously a sarcastic and satirical statement about the Democratic Party. It’s like asking the question, “Is the pope Catholic”? It’s obvious the Democrats are the party of death and destruction and blasphemy and most of it’s movie maker supporters are on the coast that’s about to fall into the ocean or, be consumed by flames, or, can you spell, t-s-u-n-a-m-i.
    God help them.

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