No Sunday funny today. There’s nothing funny about Barack Obama’s bold-faced lie to CBN’s David Brody last night after the Saddleback Showdown, when he continued to maintain he did not vote against an identical bill as IL state senator to the federal Born Alive Infants Protection Act:

Obama was obviously aware of the evidence provided last week by National Right to Life when making the statement. He not only continued to deny his vote in the face of 2 pieces of documentation showing otherwise but called the messenger a liar.
Again, here is Obama’s March 13, 2003, vote in the IL State Senate Health & Human Services Committee, which anyone could obtain from the IL General Assembly archive (click to enlarge):
Thumbnail image for final vote.jpg
“DP#1” means “Do Pass Amendment #1.” “DPA” means “Do Pass as Amended.”
Here is the original bill. Here is Amendment #1. Here is the federal Born Alive Infants Protection Act.
Obama first voted in favor of Amendment #1 and then voted against the Born Alive bill as amended. It couldn’t be more clear. Furthermore, here is the Republican Senate Staff Analysis from that day, expressing the same understanding of the chain of events:
Thumbnail image for committe report.jpg
Senator Obama needs to show his own evidence that none of this is true.
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