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First, I’m sad (for us) to announce this will be intern Colleen W.’s last (Prolifer)ations post.
Colleen is a graduate student and is heading back to school after a summer immersed in pro-life work in DC at Students for Life of America and Feminists for Life, among others. We’ll sure miss her. She found great posts to spotlight. Thanks for your work here, Colleen!
If you – as a reader or a college student wanting an internship – are interesting in writing (Prolifer)ations – please contact me for more information. The task requires 4-6 hours a week.
And now, from the world of pro-life blogs…

  • Suzanne at Big Blue Wave has a couple of interesting posts. The first is an The first is an ABC News article describing how preborn infants respond to surgery:
    prenatal surgery.jpg

    During the surgery, doctors entered the amniotic sack using a kind of miniature “telescope.” Occasionally, to their surprise, a fetus will actually grab on to the scope in the middle of the procedure.
    “The fetus will reach up and wonder what this scope is,” Moise said. “And even though his or her eyes are fused so they can’t really see the scope, they’ll grab the scope sometimes because it’s an object in their cavity.”

    Suzanne comments: “Can you just imagine what happens during an abortion, when a syringe of potassium chloride heads for their heart?”

  • Suzanne also reports on a new method of killing multiple infants in the womb: suck the blood from their hearts.
  • The Real Choice blog corroborates that prenatal testing is more often a “search and destroy mission.”
    [Photo of prenatal surgery courtesy of]

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