The folks at RH (i.e., Reproductive Health) Reality Check need to stop wasting Ted Turner’s money by hiring morons. Yesterday one of its finest, Scott Swenson, posted this:
Jill firestorm.jpg
Spare the respect, Scott. It’s not mutual and you’ll soon be taking it back, although maybe not since your Pulitzer Prize nominee, Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune emailed me yesterday, “He not only misunderstood what I wrote in the first place, but he misunderstood my confirmation to him.” So Swenson’s denseness apparently knows no bounds. To his credit, Zorn attempted to correct Swenson’s gross misrepresentation of my comment….

That comment was to acknowledge to Zorn in an email that I – like Zorn and a thousand other bloggers, journalists, and authors – made “a mistake” when interpreting “Held in Health & Human Services” to mean then-chairman Obama held the Born Alive bill in his State Senate Health & Human Services Committee in 2003 without allowing it . Silly us.
We were wrong that the bill was “held” in committee. In fact Born Alive was actually amended to contain the identical language of the federal BAIPA and then voted down in committee with Obama as chairman leading the way.
On that note, Zorn also deserves kudos for his blustery 4,000 word blog attempt to obscure Obama’s 40-word record on Born Alive: That he took a pro-abortion position to the left of even NARAL when voting against identical legislation overwhelmingly passed on the federal level and then misrepresented his vote for 4 years until National Right to Life caught him last week.
And now I must take a bow. *bow*
I have officially attracted the long knives of the Left, even garnering my very own post by the liberal Media Matters. I had to smile at fond memories of starting liberal hair on fire through the years when reading through some quotes of mine MM pulled.
Andrew Sullivan also took a stab at me (“Obama’s nemesis”? Cool.), as did Politico’s Ben Smith.
Amanda Marcotte even devoted a section of her podcast to me the other day!
aborted baby parts 2.jpgRecall I cursed Amanda earlier this year “to henceforth think of the blood of abortion every time you see or wear the color red.”
Yesterday one of Amanda’s comments to Swenson’s post indicated the curse is working. About me she wrote: “Her main mistake is being a misogynist ghoul… particularly her endless fascination with the bloody remains of later term abortions.”
In reality, Amanda is now being endlessly tortured by the “bloody remains of later term abortions.”
That photo is so sad. Makes me all the more determined.
I want to pause and extend heartfelt thanks to many of you and many blog friends for mopping up after me in the comments section here, on Left blogs, and your own blogs.
This allows me to remain focused on exposing Obama as pro-abortion on steroids to the point he supports letting little preemie babies die cold and alone in hospital soiled utility rooms because saving them would “burden the original decision of the woman and the physician to induce labor and perform an abortion,” as we have now have him saying on audiotape.

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