The bad guys are trying to get votes the old fashioned Chicago Way in SD’s abortion ban referendum. But they lack the gravitas of the Windy City’s vote fraud gangstas: They were caught on tape.
Reported the Argus Leader, October 27… said it has asked Atty. Gen. Larry Long to investigate possible voter registration fraud in the Healthy Families campaign.
VYFL said it has “become aware of out-of-state people coming into SD and registering to vote in our election with no intention of remaining a resident of SD.”
One of the requirements of becoming a registered voter in the state, the group said in a prepared statement, is that the person live in the state and have no intention of leaving.
There was no immediate word from Long’s office whether it received the complaint or what action it might consider.
The Campaign for Healthy Families issued a statement saying it has “a zero-tolerance policy for illegal activity and has followed the letter of South Dakota law” in every instance.

Oh, really?
CFHF tried to deflect with an inane charge that VYFL had taken $11,500 in anonymous donations – which CFHF only knew because VYFL reported the donations to the state while trying to locate the donors. But note the prominence and word count the Argus Leader gave the CFHF accusation vs. the VYFL proven charge that could actually illegally upset the election. According to AL:

This year’s initiated abortion ban has SD evenly divided, a recent poll showed. The poll showed a 44-44 division on the issue with 12% of those surveyed saying they hadn’t decided.