Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgStudents for Life of America has just released video on YouTube (and Eyeblast in the likely event YouTube yanks the video) of a counselor at the Freehold Planned Parenthood in NJ describing the induced labor abortion procedure to a prospective client, so she thinks.
The SFLA press release states…

In the footage, the PP nurse describes to the pregnant woman that the abortion would entail delivering her son alive and, after the woman asks if the baby can be born alive, the nurse admits that “it does happen, but it wouldn’t be able to survive on its own so eventually the baby does die.”…
As evidenced in the SFLA video, the practice of allowing babies born alive during abortions to die, which is defined as infanticide, is still being practiced today….
[It] further validates the undercover video SFLA obtained of infamous late-term abortionist, George Tiller, in March 2008 stating, “Let’s say you have 15 or 16, you had one slip out with a heartbeat; that is not a viable fetus, but that is born alive or has a heartbeat.”

Surprising to me was the nurse also stated the 21-week pregnant mother had no other options than induced labor abortion. I have repeatedly said this procedure is much more prevalent than anyone knows, and this nurse’s admission indicates it is now even the late-term abortion of choice in some mills.

The SFLA video spotlights Barack Obama’s opposition not only to the IL Born Alive Infants Protection Act, but also providing abortion survivors independent medical assessments.