The following letter and chart were just publicly released.
The Hyde Amendment restricts federal taxpayer funding for abortion under Medicaid only for cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother. In FY2007 the number of funded abortions more than doubled – attributable to an increase in abortions paid for under the rape exception, entirely concentrated in 1 state, IL. Abortions funded under that exception in IL increased from 20 in FY2005 to 84 in FY2006 and 363 in FY2007
Word is IL Department of Public Health officials are dragging their feet on the DHHS investigation, the cause for DHHS’s delay in response to congressmen. IDPH is now saying it’ll have the requested info in December – conveniently after the election. I have 2 guesses where the spike in “rape” abortions will be found: either among Planned Parenthood mills or Cook Co. Hospital. Click to enlarge:
dhhs slide 1.JPG
dhhs slide 2.JPG

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