thomas.jpgMy husband and I watched the documentary Pregnant Man on Discovery Health last night.
It showed how “gender reassigned” Thomas Beatie got pregnant: by choosing sperm on the Internet whose donor had “wife” Nancy’s coloring and was smart, mail-ordering it, receiving a canister with the sperm on dry ice, heating it to 90 degrees, and injecting it via needleless syringe.
The world sure has changed, and so quickly. It seems to me it is suddenly spinning out of control.
And I read this today on AOL Entertainment. Ellen DeGeneres was asked about having children with “wife” Portia de Rossi, and answered…

[W]e have a lot of friends who have babies, and they’re amazing and change your life and there was a time we were thinking about it … [but] today is no.
I think that is one of the things about not being able to just accidentally get pregnant and have a child. You really, really have to want one, whether it’s trying to figure out how you get pregnant or if you adopt.

ellen and portia.jpg

I think that’s even more of a reason that people that aren’t able to have kids should be allowed to adopt….

No, under normal circumstances, both Ellen and Portia could likely conceive. It’s not that they “aren’t able.” It’s that their sexual behavior stops them from procreating.
A part of me feels nothing but compassion for these misled people. I liked Thomas and Nancy. I like Ellen.
The other part of me is angry that they try to force support of their abnormal behavior on the rest of us while dragging others down with them.
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[Photo of Beatie coutesy of Discovery Health; photo of DeGeneres/Portia courtesy of AOL Entertainment]

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