When last I left Chris Crocker, it was with admitted outbursts of laughter after watching his “Leave Britney alone!” YouTube video (WARNING, foul language), a must see for those interested in keeping tabs on our crazy culture.
I do feel bad for the mixed up gay kid, but I had no laughs for Crocker’s latest video endorsing Obama for president. In it Crocker makes offensive statements against pro-lifers and against children whose fathers are rapists (WARNING, foul language)…

Here’s the transcript of Crocker’s abortion rant…

And another thing, just a word to Sarah Palin. A lot of women out here are like, “Oh, yeah, a woman, a woman, hurrah, hurrah!”
Uh, no no no no no. Women, don’t be fooled. This woman, Sarah Palin, is against abortion. She’s trying to take away like the most important woman’s right that we have.
How are you gonna be a woman and try to take away the right of abortion?
So Sarah Palin, unless – Sarah Palin, unless you’re gonna run – allow – uh, taking care of all these rape victim, incest victims’ babies, who are you to try to take away their right to abort the son of a *****?
Unless you run a orphanage taking care of all of these millions of babies, all these rape victims’ babies, who are you to take away their right to abort the sucker? That’s what I want to know.

Crocker characterized these babies as somehow responsible for their fathers’ crime.
And his rationalization for aborting them – “Who’s going to care for these babies?” – was new, one no rational pro-abort will borrow as a talking point, since there is such a shortage of American babies to adopt, desperate couples are trying to find them in other countries.
I already knew Crocker was off the deep end. Don’t know why I’m bothering to respond.
[HT: Fran at IL Review]