There will be no Weekend Question. Pro-lifers should be working this weekend to GOTV, get out the vote. The last 72 hours before an election are the most important of the entire campaign: getting our people to the polls.
gotv 3.gifPro-lifers can help by making phone calls for McCain/Palin. Go here to sign up to call. Commit to making 50. Just do it. The site provides the script.
I mentioned in my previous post about leafletting church parking lots. The nonpartisan flyers are available at that post to download, print, and distribute. We should all do this at our churches tomorrow. Another spot I like to leaflet is school parking lots on Sunday mornings. Lots of small churches meet there.
Get involved this weekend. Drudge reported last night McCain has now taken the lead according to Zogby. We cannot let Barack Obama take office. GET OUT THE PRO-LIFE VOTE!
zogby drudge.jpg