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By now most are familiar with the Matthew 25 Network, a PAC organized last spring to “target[] religious communities that are key to electoral success for Senator Obama, including Catholics, moderate evangelicals, Hispanic Catholics and Protestants,” as quoted by the New York Times.
Well, M25N lives on to continue its attempt to break down the pro-life movement by changing beliefs on how to stop abortion. Its message, emulating Obama’s, is that to strategy must shift from trying to outlaw abortion to enacting policies that reduce abortion.
Pro-lifers certainly agree policies should be implemented to reduce abortions, but we disagree with the policies Obama and his proponents tout.
On November 21 M25N reposted a USA Today editorial approving these plans. (Red flag: MSM agreeing on anti-abortion strategy.):

By seeking common ground, they can make procedure less common….

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… to push a new agenda passage of measures to provide low-income, pregnant women with the kind of services and education that could discourage them from seeking abortions. They are on the right track.
We hope they can do even more, particularly in finding ways to make contraceptives more widely obtainable and in improving sex education.

I attempted to post a rebuttal on M25N, but surprise, M25N censored me. Here ’tis…

USA Today wrote, “Yet, in 2000, the abortion rate among poor women was still four times higher than for women making $30,000 a year or more, Guttmacher found.”
That’s because most abortion clinics are located in urban areas. Guttmacher also found only 3% of abortion clinics were NOT located in urban areas.
The solution is not to return to the welfare state, which you condone.
The primary solution is to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place by encouraging abstinence.
The secondary solution is to increase the strength of pregnancy care centers, which provide all you advocate through primarily faith based institutions, which were mandated in the Bible to provide social care.
History has proven the government is no good at doling social care. The answer is not the government.
Ironically, Barack Obama advocates undermining abstinence programs and pregnancy care centers.
Watch why. Obama is simply playing politics, trying to shift money to his supporters, the “reproductive health” industry.

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