After lamenting President Bush’s various pro-life cabinet picks – such as Tommy Thompson at Dept. of Health and Human Services followed by Michael Leavitt, Eric Keroack at Population Affairs (family planning) followed by Susan Orr, Andrew von Eschenbach at the Food & Drug Administration, and John Ashcroft as Attorney General – Kay Steiger at (Ted Turner-funded) RH Reality Check yesterday listed names being speculated to head President-elect Obama’s cabinet.
sebelius tiller 2.jpgDept. of Health and Human Services

[F]ormer SD Sen. Tom Daschle, National Democratic Committee Chairman Howard Dean, and KS Gov. Kathleen Sebelius [pictured right with late-term abortionist George Tiller at a party she hosted in his honor at the guv’s mansion].

All 3 are whopping pro-aborts. Dean interned at a Planned Parenthood. Sebelius has been late-term abortionist George Tiller’s biggest protectioner. Daschle, Steiger wrote, is the favorite.
Secretary of State

Two of those Obama is said to be considering are Sen. Richard Lugar and Sen. Chuck Hagel. Both are Republicans that have earned a 0% rating from NARAL…. Democrats… Obama is likely considering are Sen. John Kerry and NM Gov. Bill Richardson, who both ran on pro-choice platforms during their presidential campaigns. Kerry seems to be a leading candidate to fill the position.

Lugar has a 75% rating from National Right to Life. Hagel earned 100%.
Attorney General

Those considered for attorney general are former Clinton Attorney General Eric Holder, Rep. Artur Davis, a socially conservative and anti-choice Southern Democrat, and Gov. Janet Napolitano, who has been congratulated by NARAL for protecting access to birth control in AZ.

Food and Drug Administration
This quote comes from Bloomberg, not RH:
wood pp.jpg

Susan Wood [pictured left at an October 2006 Planned Parenthood of North TX event with its board chair Naomi Aberly on right], co-chairman of Obama’s advisory committee for women’s health… resigned as the top U.S. regulator for women’s health in 2005 in protest of the FDA’s delay in clearing over-the-counter sales of the “morning after” emergency contraceptive. Sale of the pill, called Plan B, without a prescription was held up for more than two years….
Critics of the FDA have named Wood as among candidates they would like Obama to consider for the agency’s next commissioner.

More on Susan Wood from Family Research Council:

Wood, who is vehemently pro-abortion, is rumored to be the next commissioner of the FDA. Three years ago, Wood was at that very agency, heading the Office of Women’s Health. When her boss postponed a plan to make “emergency contraception” available to teen girls over the counter, Wood resigned in protest. She was outraged that the FDA wanted to delay sales until they could ensure that children under 16 could not access the drug without medical supervision. Under Wood’s authority, the FDA would err as she does-on the side of abortion advocacy, not American safety.
Her influence in the Obama administration could also mean the end of pro-life measures in our global AIDS policy. In a speech, Wood claims the U.S. has been “going in the wrong direction” on PEPFAR. While leaders in Africa have universally praised Bush’s emphasis on abstinence and monogamy, Wood hints that the new president will implement a condom-based approach “not just this narrow, political ideology.” That would be bad news for Africans.