Breaking news: Judge upholds Scheidler libel charges against Planned Parenthood

UPDATE, 12/15, 7a:The Chicago Sun-Times covered the story on December 13.
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UPDATE, 1p: Read the libelous open letter PP ran in the Daily Herald here.
Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgI reported in September 2007 that Eric and Joe Scheidler and the Pro-Life Action League were filing a $7.5 million lawsuit against Planned Parenthood of Chicago and its CEO Steve Trombley.
Attempting to change public opinion after they lied their way into Aurora with a mega-abortion mill, PP/Trombley placed an open letter in the Chicago Daily Herald on September 7, 2007, accusing anti-abortion activists opposing PP’s mill of having a history of violent behavior….

Yesterday, Circuit Court Judge Judy Brawka upheld 2 counts of slander and libel related to that ad.
Brawka had previously dismissed other counts based on a hastily passed bill in 2007 in the IL General Assembly called the Citizens Participation Act that was supposedly intended to protect citizens from frivolous lawsuits for exercising free speech.
Yet only one week after Gov. Blagojevich signed that bill into law PP/Trombley wrote the letter and then used CPA for the opposite reason intended. Here we had a billion dollar business attempting to trample the little guys by demanding not only that the suit be dismissed but that it be reimbursed over $300k in legal fees.
The bill sat on Gov. Blagojevich’s desk for two months before he signed it. The timing is curious. Bearing in mind this week’s revelations of Blagojevich’s vast pay-to-play schemes, I would not be at all surprised to see here another example.
Tom Brejcha of the Thomas More Society filed the lawsuit against PP/Trombley. Brejcha previously won two Supreme Court decisions in the NOW vs. Scheidler case, of which PP was also a part.
Brejcha said in a statement yesterday he will “litigate the two counts that were sustained all the way to final judgment against PP” as well as appeal the dismissed charges.

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  1. I am certain that Barack Hussein Obama and Blago “showed their appreciation” to one anotherruthseeker on this and many occasions.

  2. That timing is REALLY curious. I’m well aware that conspiracy theories really pan out, but that’s really interesting to me.

  3. Here we had a billion dollar business
    You mean a non-profit charity.
    attempting to trample the little guys by demanding not only that the suit be dismissed but that it be reimbursed over $300k in legal fees.
    I wonder how much more the PLAL will wind up having to fork over once their new frivolous lawsuit is defeated. Here’s hoping the Schiedler family goes bankrupt.

  4. It’s about time. PP already abused the legal system by appealing the same case to the SCOTUS and being defeated FOUR TIMES on the same case brought by Joe Scheidler to get his house back.
    Justice is long overdue for these criminals.

  5. Planned Parenthood being called a “Charity” is like calling Hollywood the biggest supporter of family films! It doesn’t jibe.
    Charities: e.g The Red Cross and Toys for Tots.

  6. As this lawsuit moves forward and Planned Parenthood officials are deposed, the true depth of PP’s animus against the PLAL and their leadership will be exposed. For those hoping to see PLAL in particular and pro-lifers in general defeated, Judge Brawka’s ruling provides an opening that will lead to a complete vindication of the lawsuit, and ultimately a judgment against PP.

  7. All this means is that two claims will not be dismissed as legally frivolous at the outset, as the others were. Hardly a “victory”, as nearly every lawsuit, no matter how insubstantial, can survive a motion to dismiss, since to have it dismissed, you must establish that it is legally impossible to prove any claim against the defendant.
    If this website is to discuss legal matters, it should solicit the opinions of independent experts, who could provide some perspective.
    PP will likely prevail on the remaining claims on summary judgment or at trial. It appears that the judgment for attorney’s fees against Scheidler remains in place.

  8. If this website is to discuss legal matters, it should solicit the opinions of independent experts, who could provide some perspective.
    Yup, because your comments on the futility of surviving a summary judgment claim are just off-the-wall in quality.
    On the contrary, libel and slander counts rarely survive summary judgment motions. They are very much scrutinized by the judicial community.

  9. Posted by: reality at December 11, 2008 11:18 AM
    You mean a non-profit charity.
    Non-profit does not mean unprofitable or charitable. Non-profit merely means that dividends cannot be ‘legaly paid to owners. Planned Parenthood is a very profitable non-profit oraganization.
    yor bro ken

  10. PP has never been a “charity” in any true sense of the word. They lie, deceive, rake in millions of dollars in profit off of immoral behavior, encourage teens to be involved in dangerous, promiscuous, sexual behaviors then discourage them from notifying their parents, they refuse to report child predators so these criminals can continue to commit rape, they sneak into communities with play-to-play politics by funneling campaign contributions to local politicians (just ask the pro-lifers in Aurora,IL), they dialate, mutilate and suction out unborn babies, they slander, they try to destroy the moral fiber of nations worldwide by peddaling their wares, propaganda and pro-death agenda and did I mention they make millions of dollars off of this.

  11. Planned Parenthood murders innocent babies.
    How dare you call that charity.
    God will judge you and PP when you die.

  12. Joe Scheidler is one of my heroes. He fought PP for years and years, under the strain of their impressive (but immoral) legal resources at every step. He had to give up even the ownership of his own home for many years, and had to wait more years, even after the SCOTUS had ruled in his favor for the THIRD TIME on the SAME CASE. The local judge in this case is and was extremely biased, and did everything he could to hurt Joe.
    Then to add insult to injury, PP deliberately told a transparent lie in an attempt to slander him. If there were any justice in this country, Joe would be awarded ownership of PP, and I’m sure he would know exactly what to do with it.

  13. Now that America has elected the most wicked president in history. (partial birth abortion is a wicked crime against humanity) We must fight aggressively for the innocent unborn child.
    All of America will be held accountable for the over 50,000,000 poor innocent girls and boys sacrificed on the altar of a woman’s right to choose to the god of selfishness!
    The innocent blood of our unborn children cry out unto God from the ground!

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