Fox News Special Report: Planned Parenthood Christmas “stocking stuffers”

Last night Fox News Special Report spotlighted Planned Parenthood’s Christmas gift certificates.

The PP spin that gift certificates are necessary in these dire times when women may neglect their own health care to provide for their families is good. That they “allow[] you to give the gift of life to your loved ones,” according to PP’s press release, is so audacious it makes me laugh….

But the opportunity PP gave to pro-lifers to again associate PP with abortion gives us the net PR gain.
The 1 helpful but false statement PP repeatedly makes goes something like “less than 5% of its clientele gets abortions,” as the Fox report said.
PP makes this claim due to statistrickery.
Say 10 mothers come to a PP to abort. In the process they will get a pregnancy test, pelvic exam, 2 STD tests for the 2 most common STDs, a PAP smear, a urinalysis to test for UTIs, an ultrasound, a batch of birth control pills, a couple morning after pills for whoopsies, and finally the abortion. 10 line items. So PP will say 90% of those mothers got “basic health services” even though 100% got abortions.
(I’m pretty sure this was the segment on which Charmaine Yoest of AUL wrote yesterday she would appear. Instead the pro-life spokesperson was Cathy Ruse of FRC, who did a great job. Not sure what happened though.)

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  1. Jill,
    Also relevant – Planned Parenthood makes 1/3 of its clinic income from abortions. Planned Parenthood’s clinic income is its LARGEST source of income and was to the tune of $356.9 million last year. This is even more than the $336.7 million it received in taxpayer dollars.
    That 5% line is a huge lie, as you well pointed out. The numbers show that abortion is a big money maker for Planned Parenthood. Abortion is obviously big business for Planned Parenthood.

  2. Why do we still have the audacity to expect either truth or honesty out of this batch?
    Roe Wade was on 2 or more lies.
    It is not a baby is a lie
    It is just tissue is a lie
    they bilked the government of california in millions of dollars.
    When do have the “right to truth” out of these scamsters?

  3. Roe V Wade was also decided on the lie that abortion would actually help women.
    Still waiting to hear how it has done that. Doug? Hal? Virginia? Reality? Yo?
    How does abortion help women?

  4. I’m not even sure how they can make that claim. The ‘gift of life’? I know a lot of pro-life agencies have called their programs “Real Choice” or the “Right Choice” or “Women’s Choice”. But in that sense, I think we can make an argument that the use of the word choice has honest implications.
    I just don’t see how they can make the claim that “life” applies to what they do. The only ‘honest’ use I can imagine is the idea that by going and getting a check-up for an STD, you might save your own life. That’s quite a stretch to call a PP gift certificate a ‘gift of life’ though.

  5. Say 10 mothers come to a PP to abort. In the process they will get a pregnancy test, pelvic exam, 2 STD tests for the 2 most common STDs, a PAP smear, a urinalysis to test for UTIs, an ultrasound, a batch of birth control pills, a couple morning after pills for whoopsies, and finally the abortion. 10 line items. So PP will say 90% of those mothers got “basic health services” even though 100% got abortions.
    That’s nonsense, Jill, and you know it, because you’ve seen Planned Parenthood’s annual reports.
    In 2006, 3,140,540 patients visited Planned Parenthood, and 289,750 abortions were performed. The number of abortions is only 9% of the total patient count. Assuming some of those women had more than one abortion, the percentage is even smaller.
    More than 90% of Planned Parenthood’s patients go for medical care that has nothing to do with abortion. That’s just the truth.

  6. Jill, AUL and Reasoned Audacity sent out Media Alerts that Charmaine would be appearing on at least two outlets.
    As you noted, there were changes.
    MSNBC canceled Charmaine at the last minute (2:11 for a 2:30 hit time) to cover the bailouts and FOX wanted Charmaine, but called her at her old office at FRC, and time being short as it always is, booked Cathy Ruse who did superbly.
    Sorry for the correction hassle — this is, as you well know, how show buziness works.
    Jack (and Charmaine)

  7. Carla: Doug? Hal? Virginia? Reality? Yo?
    How does abortion help women?
    C, you probably know what I’m going to say. You could also take Erin as a good example.

  8. All things considered, I think it’s pretty safe to say that as far as women are concerned, abortion does more harm than good. The pain experience by women after abortions tremendously outweighs the relief, from what I’ve seen. All of it is either caused by guilt over ending the life of their child, pain at suddenly discovering years later that they are infertile, regret that they allowed themselves to be pressured to have an abortion by a loved one, the list goes on. Many times the women don’t even realize their drug use, alcoholism, or depression stems from their abortion. I’ve watched women say that one day they woke up and connected the dots back to their abortion. Of course, there are the few cases where these women don’t have to deal with these feelings because they’ve actually died from complications associated with abortion.
    Thousands upon thousands of women have come forward and spoken. Abortion HURTS women.

  9. And I know you could easily make the point that life-saving surgeries often result in death, but I have yet to hear of any situation in which an abortion couldn’t have been avoided.
    I heard once a woman tell her story that her doctor found cysts on her ovaries, but that he couldn’t operate because she was pregnant. She never got a second opinion, she simply had an abortion. How many times have your heard stories about somebody being told “You’re going to die” or “You’ll never walk again” or something similar and it turned out to be baloney. God ALWAYS makes a way. Miracles happen. You just have to trust him and not steal the control from Him.
    I often watch this cute show, “Jon and Kate plus 8”. She had 6 babies growing in her at once, and the doctors advised her to kill off a few so the others could survive. She flatly refused and all 6 babies are healthy and beautiful. God ALWAYS makes a way.

  10. Reality, 9% of their services that were abortions supplied 33% of their clinic income. Furthermore, 9% equates to around 230,000 abortions (about 20-25% of abortions in the country).
    Gotta look at the whole pie, not just one little slice.

  11. Laura,
    I am so glad you are here. 12:53 your comment I completely agree with. It was my experience and hundreds of others I know.
    Thank you for sparing me!! LOL
    As for Erin, she has to speak for herself. Like I have said it has only been a year since her abortion. Regret can take years. Hi Erin!! :)

  12. Also Laura,
    I am reading Forbidden Grief and many women connect the dots back to their abortions, but medical professionals do not. Anti depressants anyone??

  13. hmmm people where I live PP does not even perform abortions at our clinic. THEY do however provide exceptional prenatal care, they provide sonograms, mamograms, pregnancy tests, STD tests. Why do you all want to denigrate all the good they do? Sheesh here is a clue myob and stop trying to close down a place that does nothing but good in my community. jerks

  14. reality check,
    It would be a pleasure, but they won’t stop stop doing abortions in my community. Maybe you could talk to them?

  15. reality check,
    Another thought. If they were smart, PP would put an exception on the gift certificates saying “cannot be used towards abortion services”. That would tame some of the outrage, you’d be happy.
    Maybe you could talk to them (if you know someone there)?

  16. Saying PP is a great organization that only does a small percentage of abortions is like the KKK saying “we only did a few lynchings on those “Blacks” that we did not want, and were causing us trouble”. (Substitute the word abortion for lynching and baby for “Blacks” here).
    It is like slave owners saying “slaves our property, we have every right to choose to do what we want with our property, slaves are not really fully human, they don’t deserve recognition as human beings, you abolitionists who don’t want to have slaves just don’t bother to have any, it’s our right to choose”. Slavery was LEGAL people. Substitute the term unborn baby for slaves. I can tell you my great, great, grandmother did not buy this crap either, she taught her children that NO ONE deserved to be a slave, just like no unborn baby (even her’s) deserved to die, her unborn children were loved by her although they were conceived because her slave master raped her at will. Her babies would be poster-kids for “the women’s right to choose” by the pro-aborts because she NEVER knew what it was to have a “planned parenthood”.

  17. Pro-choicers aren’t saying your great, great grandmother “should” have done anything but what she wanted to do.
    Likewise, don’t presume to tell me what to do when the unborn baby is inside my body.

  18. My analogies are valid. Your so-called “right to choose” to do what you want with “your body” involves the mutilation and death of a totally separate human being with totally different DNA, possibly a totally different blood type, possibly the opposite sex, has a different heart beat, different brainwaves and different fingerprints than you. I am sure you don’t care but the fact remains you are killing another human being in it’s most innocent and vunerable state. I don’t expect you to get it, but it is schizophrenic to believe only the babies that you “want” get to live and the babies you don’t “want” are disposable human waste and deserve a death sentence while inside your body. What should be the safest place for your baby, nestled inside your uterus, becomes his or her death chamber. And people want to call the KKK barberic and slavery inhumane.

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