Last night Fox News Special Report spotlighted Planned Parenthood’s Christmas gift certificates.

The PP spin that gift certificates are necessary in these dire times when women may neglect their own health care to provide for their families is good. That they “allow[] you to give the gift of life to your loved ones,” according to PP’s press release, is so audacious it makes me laugh….

But the opportunity PP gave to pro-lifers to again associate PP with abortion gives us the net PR gain.
The 1 helpful but false statement PP repeatedly makes goes something like “less than 5% of its clientele gets abortions,” as the Fox report said.
PP makes this claim due to statistrickery.
Say 10 mothers come to a PP to abort. In the process they will get a pregnancy test, pelvic exam, 2 STD tests for the 2 most common STDs, a PAP smear, a urinalysis to test for UTIs, an ultrasound, a batch of birth control pills, a couple morning after pills for whoopsies, and finally the abortion. 10 line items. So PP will say 90% of those mothers got “basic health services” even though 100% got abortions.
(I’m pretty sure this was the segment on which Charmaine Yoest of AUL wrote yesterday she would appear. Instead the pro-life spokesperson was Cathy Ruse of FRC, who did a great job. Not sure what happened though.)