“Character assassin.” Ouch, doesn’t sound very pro-life to me.
misinformer of the year.jpg
Wednesday liberal Media Matters named Sean Hannity as its Misinformer of the Year. Congrats, Sean.
But hey, then MM went on to implicate li’l ole me?…

I can verify the Left believes in recycling. Someone needs to expend energy reading more of my stuff for more ammo. Thought on the “condoms kill” billboard: Would any MM staff knowingly have sex with an HIV+ partner using only a condom for protection?
And using liberal columnist Zorn to debunk me on Obama is akin to using Obama to debunk me on Obama. Zorn is Obama’s favorite journalistic mouthpiece. I take that back. MM is. Don’t tell Zorn.
But wait, there’s more. Someone named eljefebob at Chron.com, demonstrating again how much the Left supports recycling, reworded the MM piece into a column, getting cute…
list 2.jpg
This is a career?

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