weekend question.jpgAbout Pastor Rick Warren’s agreement to give the invocation at President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration I wrote the other day:

As a pro-lifer I’m glad Warren is giving the invocation. I don’t care what ulterior motives Obama has for inviting Warren, such as trying to appear more of a center than left guy….
I’ve seen Warren take a stronger and stronger stand on abortion. Obama needs people like him in his ear. Warren says things nice, but he says them well and straight up. Read this from BeliefNet.org December 12….

And then I posted a recent example of Warren’s public teaching on abortion, including what he has said to Obama himself.
The secular left has come out strongly against Obama’s pick of Warren. But some in our camp have as well. Read this from a letter Human Life International’s Fr. Thomas Euteneuer sent to Warren (click to enlarge)…

hli letter to warren.jpg
I see Fr. Euteneuer’s point. I just disagree Warren’s prayer at the inauguration will be an endorsement or blessing of Obama’s policies. I suppose we’ll only know for sure after Warren gives the prayer – but I really doubt he’ll say anything along those lines.
I think it is important that we who are praying for Obama’s conversion support those with proper theology we know Obama may listen to.
That said, I really do see Fr. Euteneuer’s point. What do you think?

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