UPDATE, 2/20, 9:20a: Here’s video of the disputed sign as well as an interview with sign owner Chip Harrison

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2/19, 5p: This is rich. Aborting preborn babies is not killing. It is a sacred right. But mention you’d like to abort Obama, and law enforcement considers it a threat to his life. Reported NewsOK today:

The police officers who stopped Oklahoma City motorist Chip Harrison and confiscated a sign from his car told him he has a right to his beliefs, but the U.S. Secret Service “could construe this as a threat against President Obama,” according to the incident report released this morning.
The sign, which read “Abort Obama Not the Unborn,” was returned to Harrison later that day….

Police spokesman Steve McCool said this morning that the sign was taken in error, and Oklahoma City residents should not be worried that their First Amendment rights will be violated. He said a supervisor “intervened and quickly returned the sign” after Harrison called the police department….
Harrison, who could not be reached for comment this morning, told the officers that in his opinion the words “Abort Obama” meant to impeach him. He told the officers he does not believe in abortion because he is a Christian….

agents bust.jpg

But his run-in with the law wasn’t over yet….
”When I was on my way there, the Secret Service called me and said they weren’t going to ransack my house or anything … they just wanted to (walk through the house) and make sure I wasn’t a part of any hate groups.”…
He said they interviewed him for about 30 minutes and then left, not finding any evidence Harrison was a threat to the president.
”I’m still in contact with a lawyer right now,” Harrison said. “I don’t know what I’m going to do.”
Harrison said he feels his First Amendment rights were violated.
McCool said the officer who pulled over Harrison misinterpreted the sign.
”We had an officer that his interpretation of the sign was different than what was meant,” McCool said. “You’ve got an officer who had a different thought on what the word ‘abort’ meant.”…

This just goes to show everyone innately knows what the word “abortion” really means.
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