UPDATE, 2/7, 7:30a: A press release from the Thomas More Society has expanded on the hospital instruments side story I mentioned in my initial post:

During today’s hearing, Renelique was asked by one of the doctors on the FL Board of Medicine to identify various types of medical equipment and whether he had them in his clinic. Renelique responded that he had and the doctor proceeded to inform Renelique that the instruments were from her antique collection and are no longer used.

UPDATE, 2/6, 11:05a: The Associated Press has issued a short story on Renelique’s license revocation.
Here are the ABC and CBS stories.
Here’s a Tampa Bay Online story with an interesting quote:

Renelique’s attorney, Joseph Harrison, told the medical board, “His record of a lifetime of practicing medicine does not warrant revocation.”
The patient, Harrison said, “came in for an abortion. This patient came in to have the fetus rendered and terminated.”

In other words, by infanticide the mother got what she originally intended, so what’s the prob?
Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgThis morning the FL Board of Medicine revoked the medical license of abortonist Pierre Jean-Jacque Renelique.
Just spoke with Tom Pennekamp driving on his way home from the hearing.
Pennekamp is the FL attorney who filed a civil lawsuit in conjunction with the Thomas More Society on January 27 against Renelique, abortion clinic owner Belkis Gonzalez, and 11 others on behalf of Sycloria Williams for the homicide of her daughter, Shanice.
Read yesterday’s Associated Press backstory here….

“I’ve never seen or heard of board of medicine hearing that went like this one,” said Pennekamp. “The board excoriated Renelique. One of them literally held up antique medical equipment, one that looked like an egg beater, to test whether Renelique knew what they were. He responded, ‘Yes, I use that, and that, and that.’ She then blasted him for his ignorance.”
Pennekamp reported that all the major news networks were at the hearing: ABC, NBC, Fox, and the Associated Press, and that this will be a 6p news story.
Renelique was accused of negligent care of his patient, who aborted her potentially viable baby alive in A Gyn Diagnostic abortion mill in Hialeah, FL, in July 2006, without him there. Allegedly clinic owner Belkis Gonzalez cut the baby’s cord and zipped the living baby into a biohazard bag filled with bleach.
rundle.jpgTo date, no criminal charges have been filed. Two sources within the system have told me they believe Miami-Dade Co. State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle, appointed to her position in 1993 when her boss, Janet Reno, was made Clinton’s attorney general, has purposefully slowed the wheels of justice.
“She shelved this case because it was related to abortion and hoped it would die, pardon the pun,” one told me. “This has all got to be driving Rundle batty, because her hand is getting forced now.”
Seems to me that with pro-aborts responding with aghast to yesterday’s Associated Press story, Rundle should have no worries about alienating the abortion community. In fact, if she doesn’t prosecute Gonzalez and Renelique now, she’ll appear barbaric.
If this case proceeds, it will be the first test of the federal Born Alive Infants Protection Act, signed into law by President Bush in 2002.

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