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The University of Calgary Student Union has voted to revoke the club status of Campus Pro-Life. Members of the group were charged with trepassing on their campus after they refused to turn a display of graphic abortion images inward. All of Canada should be ashamed at the University of Calgary’s actions:

During Tuesday’s hearing, pro-life club secretary Asia Strezynski repeatedly asked the committee chairwoman Alex Judd what policy had been violated but the committee only referred to a bylaw that gives the Students’ Union the right to punish a club for violating policies or bylaws.

Read backstory on my blog here.

  • A proposal to force abortionists in SD to meet with women a day before their abortion has been temporarily stalled in the SD senate after a 3-3 vote. Senate Bill 92 is set for another vote on today:

    “It clearly would have a huge impact on us,” said Kathi Di Nicola, media relations director for Planned Parenthood of MN and the Dakotas.
    Three doctors who perform abortions for PP in Sioux Falls are from MN and generally leave the Twin Cities the day of the procedure.

  • Kudos to CBS News for covering the story of how Northwestern’s Richard Burt has treated patients with multiple sclerosis using chemotherapy and their own stem cells.
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