From the Committee for Justice blog today:

[T]he Deseret News reports on a February 13 speech by Ken Starr. The article summarizes Starr’s message:


If President Barack Obama is hoping for bi-partisan support of his future U.S. Supreme Court nominees, he may have painted himself into a political corner … because he actively opposed nominees from former President George W. Bush… supported a filibuster against Justice Samuel Alito and voted against John Roberts.
As Starr notes, Obama finds himself in the awkward position of being “the first president of the United States ever in our history to have participated in a Senate filibuster of a judicial nominee.”
Multiple filibusters in fact (Obama also supported a filibuster against Fifth Circuit nominee Leslie Southwick in 2007). Quoting the Washington Times, Starr concludes that Obama’s Senate record on judges leaves him “hard-pressed to call for bipartisan help confirming judges or even an up-or-down vote.”

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