UPDATE, 4:35p: Matt Abbott at RenewAmerica has posted a letter written from black priest and member of Notre Dame’s Admissions Advisory Board, Fr. John Raphael, to Fr. Jenkins:

… I have spent 18 years working with blacks and whites, Protestants and Catholics, to bring more African Americans into the pro-life movement. During the last 2 months the Obama administration has already begun to aggressively roll back the gains made in defense of life over the course of the last 15 years….

obama black baby.jpg

[T]he historical significance of the first African American president is emptied of its meaning if this same president refuses to embrace the rights of the unborn….
As an African American and a priest, as a principal of a Catholic high school and a member of the Admissions Advisory Board of the university, I cannot adequately express in words how deeply this action offends those who are committed to carrying out the task of Catholic education and witnessing to the Gospel of Life in the context of a Catholic school. Even if the university chooses to cooperate with certain policies of the president that are not contrary to the teaching of the faith, the conferral of this type of public honor is wholly gratuitous and incongruous with the mission of any Catholic institution….

[HT: Cy Hunter]
American Papist got the scoop and has more details, but here is an email sent from Phoenix Bishop Thomas Olsted to Notre Dame Prez Fr. John Jenkins yesterday…

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