sebelius obama talk.jpgUPDATE, 4:10p: Word is Glenn Beck will cover the Sebelius/Medicaid controversy (show on now) and O’Reilly may as well.
Call on Brownback and Roberts to withdraw their support of Sebelius. This issue is mushrooming.
UPDATE, 3:30p: Read emerging revelations implicating Sebelius in potential Medicaid fraud/favoritism by KHI News Service.
Kansas Meadowlark has a synopsis of that story, an easier read.
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UPDATE, 3:20p: The fallout against Brownback continues. Read story quoting Judie Brown and Austin Ruse.
Also be sure to note new ad above Stanek logo. Sign American Life League’s the anti-Sebelius petition.
UPDATE, 2:10p: Per the Susan B. Anthony List on Twitter moments ago:

Brownback is taking heat for his decision to endorse Sebelius for HHS. And rightly so. He is so wrong on this issue.

From Ben Smith on Politico moments ago…

The American Life League, which has launched a petition to block Kathleen Sebelius’s appointment… is criticizing KS Senator Sam Brownback — a major anti-abortion voice — for supporting the pick.
“Brownback’s support for Sebelius doesn’t undercut pro-lifers one bit,” emails ALL spokeswoman Katie Walker. “It certainly undercuts Brownback’s credibility, not to mention the victims of abortion.”

UPDATE, 1:15p: From Fox News, March 2:

But it’s unlikely Sebelius will face much opposition in the U.S. Senate. Even the two Republican senators from her own state — Pat Roberts and Sam Brownback — are fine with the choice. Roberts was in attendance at the White House Monday as Obama announced his nomination of Sebelius — a point the president noted.

10:22a: The more I think about what pro-life Kansan US Senators Brownback and Roberts did – write a glowing letter of congratulations on President Obama’s nomination of radical pro-abort KS Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to head HHS – the madder I get.
That some pro-lifers don’t understand the harm done is also disturbing. One commented yesterday, “This is really a nonstory…. Brownback and Roberts understand that the nation’s loss is Kansas’ gain.”
Look, a nation’s loss is no consolation for one state’s gain, if indeed there will be a gain, which is speculative, since Sebelius will be replaced by pro-abort Lt. Gov. Mark Parkinson. (And who here actually takes comfort that Parkinson says he won’t run in 2010?)
In fact, Sebelius will do so much damage, based on her track record, it will be difficult to recover. (One for instance: hiring like-minded people at HHS for permanent positions just as baby boomers are retiring en masse.) I’m writing my WorldNetDaily column tomorrow on the ramifications of a Sebelius appointment.
Back to Brownback/Roberts, a DC contact reminded me their support of Sebelius will give squishy Republicans cover to vote for her appointment and make it difficult for pro-life Republicans to oppose it.
Liberals get this. Wrote mcjoan at DailyKos yesterday, in response to David Brody of CBN’s remark to CNN about the B/R statement, “It’s a problem, and Sam Brownback has been in long step with them on the abortion issue. That’s a setback for them.”…

Could pose a problem? Ya think? A reminder for CNN, the confirmation goes through the Senate. If the likeliest foes of the nominee on a single issue are giving her a pass, she’ll be confirmed. Having been burned through the nomination process a few times here, and having plenty of advanced warning that the anti-choice forces would oppose this pick, the administration was unlikely to risk another derailed nomination. With Brownback and Roberts on board, they’re set.

Wrote the liberals at Prime Buzz on February 28 before the B/R statement:

What will Republican Sen. Sam Brownback say about all this? If Brownback wants to stir the pot on all things abortion and Dr. George Tiller, he could do some damage.

Brownback not only passed up an opportunity to help the pro-life movement, he inexplicably torpedoed pro-life efforts to stop Sebelius. He didn’t have to say anything.
I close with Politico’s Jonathan Martin of Politico’s calming assurance to Chris Matthews last night re: his fear of pro-life “verbal verbal terrorism” against Sebelius. No worries, said Martin, Brownback is on her side. Per Geoffrey Dickens of NewsBusters:

On Monday night’s Hardball, Chris Matthews feared KS Governor Kathleen Sebelius, in her nomination fight to head HHS, would be a target of “the terrorism of the, of the anti-abortion people.” Then perhaps realizing he called all pro-lifers terrorists, Matthews feebly attempted to amend the statement, as he tried to clarify, “I mean verbal terrorism.”
The following exchange was aired during the March 2, edition of Hardball:
Matthews: Let’s talk about, let’s get to something really tough.
Martin: Sure.


Matthews: Kathleen Sebelius, very likeable, very impressive. I think of the woman who becomes the governor in Mr. Holland’s Opus, remember the one who comes back?
Lois Romano, Washington Post: Right.
Matthews: Who becomes the governor, the woman governor. She looks like her, in fact. Is she gonna get through the, the terrorism of the, of the anti-abortion people?
Romano: Yeah I think she’s gonna do that and I think they’ve got a clear shot.
Matthews: I mean verbal terrorism.
Romano: Yeah they’re, she’ll get through that.
Martin: I think she will, for one important reason. Sam Brownback, her home state senator, an ardent Catholic pro-lifer, Chris, has said kind things about her, signaling that he will not stand in her way. So if that’s any, sort of indication I think that bodes well for Sebelius.
Matthews: But are we gonna have days and days of hearings about what she did about this guy who was a late-term abortion doctor?
Martin: I’m sure it’ll come up.

This was not a mistake to be swept under the rug, as some pro-lifers wish. A pro-life politician trying to advance in power, as Brownback wants to do, cannot be excused for disavowing pro-life principles along the way. Here we see a tragic example of the ripple effect. Every action has ramifications one way or the other. This one was bad. This CNN article spotlighting Republican rollovers on the Sebelius nomination makes me sick.
[HT for DailyKos piece: reader Susie A.; HT for NewsBusters piece: moderator jasper; photo courtesy of The New York Times]

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