Jivin J’s Life Links 3-26-09

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  • Members of the President’s Council on Bioethics have published a statement clarifying President Obama‘s stem cell decision and correcting various errors in his statements on stem cell research.
  • Have a problem with abortion? Don’t become an OB/GYN. UCLA law professor Julie Cantor argues in a New England Journal of Medicine editorial (emphasis mine):

    Medicine needs to embrace a brand of professionalism that demands less self-interest, not more. Conscientious objection makes sense with conscription, but it is worrisome when professionals who freely chose their field parse care and withhold information that patients need. As the gatekeepers to medicine, physicians and other health care providers have an obligation to choose specialties that are not moral minefields for them. Qualms about abortion, sterilization, and birth control? Do not practice women’s health.

  • UK coroner Roger Whittaker is publicly criticizing abortion provider Marie Stopes after a “15-year-old schoolgirl died from toxic shock syndrome just days after having a termination”:

    Whittaker said he would be writing to the sexual health organisation after it was revealed Alesha Thomas was never given a prescribed course of antibiotics, which would have saved her life….
    An hour and 20 minutes after the operation the doctor issued an electronic prescription for the teenager to be given a course of prophylactic antibiotic, Doxycyline, to prevent infection. But unbeknown to him, Alesha…had already been discharged from recovery – 45 minutes after the operation.
    The hearing at Huddersfield Coroner’s Court was told the organisation had no system in place for nurses to re-check a patient’s notes after they had been discharged to make sure all instructions had been followed.

  • Wesley Smith comments on the latest “feed me” editorial in Nature and their call to get rid of the Dickey Amendment:

    See, the assurances–oft stated–that all “the scientists” want are “leftover” embryos that were “going to be destroyed anyway” was always hogwash, part of a sophisticated propaganda campaign intended to unfetter biotech from any meaningful limitations on the instrumental use of nascent human life.

  • 9 thoughts on “Jivin J’s Life Links 3-26-09”

    1. “Conscientious objection makes sense with conscription, but it is worrisome when professionals who freely chose their field parse care and withhold information that patients need.”
      But if you object to abortion, YOU ALSO DO NOT BELIEVE THAT A PATIENT CAN EVER NEED IT. Duh. If abortion is killing a baby, a patient can no more “need” an abortion than she can “need” the services of a hit man. For a conscientious doctor, to do an abortion is to IGNORE the patient’s needs and instead make a quick buck from her moment of panic and despair.
      What part of “Killing babies is not medical care” do these idiots not get?

    2. “Physicians should support an ethic that allows for all legal options, even those they would not choose. Federal laws may make room for the rights of conscience, but health care providers — and all those whose jobs affect patient care — should cast off the cloak of conscience when patients’ needs demand it.”
      (Important footnote) ”
      “Dr. Cantor reports representing an affiliate of Planned Parenthood in a legal matter unrelated to conscientious objection. No other potential conflict of interest relevant to this article was reported.”
      This is wrong on so many levels. Isn’t it usually the lawyer who casts off the cloak of conscience when the client needs it?

    3. I care deeply about women’s health. I care about eating disorders, access to affordable healthcare, the health of women in the military, mental well-being, and, oh wow, I care about reproductive rights. All women deserve information on birth control and also the wonderful benefits abstinence. And I care about the health of girls in the womb, and I care about the health of women who are the victims of domestic violence or are the victims of attacks when they try to get an education…guess that all of that stuff is pointless. Blast me and my misogyny! And blast you all here on this website if you think that even preborn girls matter and that women’s health includes all women. Blast you all!

    4. Look at these crazy pro-aborts. They want to kill babies and scare the good doctors from practicing. This would be a very good time in history to become a doula or a mid-wife. It looks like home deliveries will be the way to go. Too bad for the hospitals….all that lost revenue.

    5. Christina,
      Abortionist Leroy Carhart testified under oath:
      “My intent in every abortion I have ever done is to kill the [human] fetus and terminate the pregnancy.”
      The ‘homicide’ is the part they do not ‘get’. To ‘get’ it they would have to acknowledge the humanity of their victims.
      That would be like reporting their income tax evasion to the IRS.
      yor bro ken

    6. Abortionist Leroy Carhart still testifying under oat:
      Question: In that situation, are you, when you pull on the arm and remove it, is the [human] fetus still alive?
      Carhart: Yes
      Question: Do you consider an arm, for example, to be a substantial portion of the [human] fetus?
      Carhart: In the way I read it, I think if I lost my arm, that would be a substantial loss to me. I think I would have to interpret it that way.
      There you have it.
      Not rocket science.
      Beam me up Scotty.
      There is no intelligent life of planet earth.
      yor bro ken

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