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From the blogs and elsewhere:

  • Melanie Johnson of Americans United for Life blogs about a recent development in the OK legislature “increasing legal protections for pregnant women and their unborn children.”
    A bill has passed in the OK Senate and is on its way to the floor of the House. It would…

    … create the Use of Force for the Protection of the Unborn Act… [and] make it crystal clear that…women can use lethal force to protect the life of their child in those cases [of domestic violence].

    National statistics show 240k pregnant women are victims of domestic violence each year, many suffering subsequent miscarriage. Under this legislation, a woman would be legally justified in using fatal force if she believed the attacker to be threatening her unborn child.
    Imagine the implications this might have on abortion!…


  • Dove and Grammy award-winning CCM recording artist Rebecca St. James is set to star in a pro-life film:

    St. James has only a few more scenes to shoot to complete Sarah’s Choice – scheduled to release this fall….
    St. James portrays Sarah – a career-minded, single woman who gets pregnant and is faced with a life-changing choice.

    A passionate supporter of the pro-life and abstinence movements, St. James is also recording a pro-life song to debut with the movie.
    “I feel it’s an important film with a godly message that I am praying will profoundly touch lives,” she says.

  • Forest Nymph reports that the University of San Francisco, a private, Jesuit university, has changed its policy on abortion referrals through student health service and will now send students to pro-life pregnancy and counseling centers.
    The school instituted new health care policies in order to “comply with the Catholic Church’s teaching on life.” The new directive for the student clinic at USF’s St. Mary’s Medical Center states:

    In keeping with Catholic tradition and teachings, voluntary termination of pregnancy will not be performed at St. Mary’s Hospital and referrals for abortion will not be given to a student by USF Student Health Clinic staff.

    Furthermore, “contraceptive services, in all forms, will not be provided.”

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