In January NE late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart had to close his mill for damage after an accidental fire.
carhart closeup.jpgCarhart reopened to brisk business this past Saturday, according to pro-life activist Larry Donlan on the scene. And Carhart aborted yesterday, too – a Sunday. (Does this mean he skipped church?)
But Carhart forgot one thing, to get his occupancy permit.
This morning Donlan notified Bellevue building inspectors. I just called Steve Carmichael of the City Planning Dept. and asked if Carhart was shut down.
“I left him a voicemail,” Carmichael told me, “because he wouldn’t answer the phone. I said he could not open until his deficiencies were completed and he got a final permit for occupancy.”…

I asked Carmichael if he knew for sure whether Carhart had shut down, and he didn’t. “I’m going by there later this afternoon,” Carmichael said.
Carmichael didn’t think the definiciencies were extensive enough to keep Carhart closed long. But any closure saves babies. And this just goes to again demonstrate the slime who operate these abortion mills.
carhart pba.jpgAs an aside, the Associated Press photo, left, is of Carhart speaking to the press outside the Supreme Court building after he lost his Partial Birth Abortion Ban lawsuit in 2006.
You can see an arm in a camel-colored coat behind him to his left. That would be me, waiting in line to also give a press statement. Anita Staver, my Liberty Council attorney, is standing right behind Carhart in the grey coat and pink scarf. Liberty entered a couple amicus briefs on my behalf.
So close to him, I was honestly repulsed. I kept staring at his hands. I wondered what would I do if he turned around and somehow an opportunity presented itself to shake those hands? I kind of thought Jesus would, but could I do it? Fortunately, that never happened.
One other thing, Carhart and his wife attended the 2007 party KS Gov. Kathleen Sebelius hosted for Wichita late-term abortionist George Tiller. Carhart flies in every now and then to chop in Tiller’s shop. Here’s a photo from Operation Rescue:
carhart sebelius.jpg
[HT: Operation Rescue scooped this story Saturday and again today. OR also has photos of Carhart’s seedy mill.]