LeRoy Carhart, pick up the phone

In January NE late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart had to close his mill for damage after an accidental fire.
carhart closeup.jpgCarhart reopened to brisk business this past Saturday, according to pro-life activist Larry Donlan on the scene. And Carhart aborted yesterday, too – a Sunday. (Does this mean he skipped church?)
But Carhart forgot one thing, to get his occupancy permit.
This morning Donlan notified Bellevue building inspectors. I just called Steve Carmichael of the City Planning Dept. and asked if Carhart was shut down.
“I left him a voicemail,” Carmichael told me, “because he wouldn’t answer the phone. I said he could not open until his deficiencies were completed and he got a final permit for occupancy.”…

I asked Carmichael if he knew for sure whether Carhart had shut down, and he didn’t. “I’m going by there later this afternoon,” Carmichael said.
Carmichael didn’t think the definiciencies were extensive enough to keep Carhart closed long. But any closure saves babies. And this just goes to again demonstrate the slime who operate these abortion mills.
carhart pba.jpgAs an aside, the Associated Press photo, left, is of Carhart speaking to the press outside the Supreme Court building after he lost his Partial Birth Abortion Ban lawsuit in 2006.
You can see an arm in a camel-colored coat behind him to his left. That would be me, waiting in line to also give a press statement. Anita Staver, my Liberty Council attorney, is standing right behind Carhart in the grey coat and pink scarf. Liberty entered a couple amicus briefs on my behalf.
So close to him, I was honestly repulsed. I kept staring at his hands. I wondered what would I do if he turned around and somehow an opportunity presented itself to shake those hands? I kind of thought Jesus would, but could I do it? Fortunately, that never happened.
One other thing, Carhart and his wife attended the 2007 party KS Gov. Kathleen Sebelius hosted for Wichita late-term abortionist George Tiller. Carhart flies in every now and then to chop in Tiller’s shop. Here’s a photo from Operation Rescue:
carhart sebelius.jpg
[HT: Operation Rescue scooped this story Saturday and again today. OR also has photos of Carhart’s seedy mill.]

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  1. Reminds me Jill of the story of Corrie Ten Boom wondering if she should shake the hand of a former Nazi guard when he greeted her in a church. She did.

  2. Carla,
    That is true, however, there is a big difference. The Nazi guard repented and was sorry for the crimes he committed. Unlike these two baby killer “doctors” who still have the blood of innocents on their hands.

  3. Carhart SICKENS me.
    Because of his mill’s closure, Lincoln had THREE DAYS a week of abortions (we used to have only one day — Fridays. Then we got CJ LaBenz and he added a second day. Then when Carhart’s death clinic was closed, we saw a third day added!) I was glad it was closed, but it disgusts me that my town had even more babies deaths happening.
    I think Carhart was the abortionist that was on duty when Christin Gilbert died.

  4. See an excellent interview of Dr. Bernard Nathanson and Carol Everett a former abortionist and abortion clinic owner on TBN right now 2:30-3pm on the Breakthrough program by Rev. Rod Parsley. They expose the lies, manipulation and money making machine of abortion and Planned Parenthood in our nation. You can probably see this interview later today on other Christian TV stations. Dr. Nathanson exposes the lies he told as a co-founder of NARAL to promote the legalization of abortion. They lied and said there were a million women a year dying from illegal botched abortions when there were actually only 200-300 deaths a year. What a horrible deceit, just like the deceit of embryonic stem cells, mother’s “health” reasons to abort, the imperfect Downs babies reasons, the poverty reasons, etc. etc. etc. God help this nation and this world. Planned Parenthood LIES TO YOU.

  5. *sarcasm* Oh the horror, pro-lifers expect Carhart to follow the law,* the same laws any other physician office must follow, I might add.

  6. In case you didn’t know, OR has photos of the dump which show that it is operating off of a generator…because they obviously have no electrical power.
    One photo shows a dilapidated truck trying to hide the generator and an extension cord running from it into the place.
    It is mind boggling to me how anyone would set foot into a place like that to even have a band=aid applied to a flesh wound, let alone have a surgical “procedure”.
    Once again, we have to remind ourselves that if this man thinks nothing of killing babies, why should mere “technicalities” like no electrical power or violation of bldg. codes concern him in the least?
    I don’t know how Jill could even be within 10 feet of that slime bag. If it were me,…well, I don’t even want to say what I’d have wanted to do.
    If I HAD, I wouldn’t be typing this right here and now….

  7. Hi Carla,
    It puts the kabosh to the argument that legal abortion meant safety and standards.

  8. It kind of reminds me of the time when arguments for legal abortion were made using pictures like this.
    I recall this being referred to as “back alley”.

  9. It puts the kabosh to the argument that legal abortion meant safety and standards.
    Posted by: Mary at March 9, 2009 4:30 PM
    Maybe Planned Parenthood needs to build some new modern health clinics so we don’t have sleezy doctors being the only option. That’s a charity we could all get behind.

  10. Hal 6:17PM
    The “clarity” we could all get behind 40 years ago was that legal abortion would permanently put the likes of Carhart out of business and close down back alley dumps like the one pictured above.

  11. From what I understand, Carhart was doing CPR on Christin Gilbert when EMS arrived — and doing such an amateurish job that the medic thought he was a bystander, not the doctor.
    But we’re supposed to trust abortionists.

  12. Hal, dressing up an abortion clinic is lipstick on a pig. It’s killing babies. You’re not going to attract the best and brightest no matter how smart the wallpaper or how many potted plants you strew about.

  13. Christina,
    Didn’t it take about 45 minutes for it to even dawn on someone to call 911? I understand she collapsed as soon as she walked through the door. Schoolchildren would know enough to call 911 and have. I’ve heard of family pets displaying better judgment in a medical emergency.
    Then the seriousness of the situation was downplayed to 911. Whoever heard of putting 911 on hold?? Tiller’s people asked for a “transport” which is a far cry from CPR in progress. Sometimes in CPR situations an extra EMS vehicle is sent.

  14. Roe v Wade did not eliminate back alley abortionists. The back alley abortionists just relocated to main street.
    It has not improved their bed side manner or their quality of care.
    The main street abortionist almost always injures one woman and kills or maims at least one child every time he/she performs an elective abortion.
    yor bro ken

  15. Hal: PP already HAS built the “modern clinics…” but it still has sleezy doctors, and staff who don’t report statutory rape, lie to women, ad nauseum. etc. etc. etc.
    Their fancy facades don’t change a thing.
    You could take Charles Manson, Sadam Hussein, Hitler, or any other serial killer, give them a haircut, a shave, dress them in Armani suits and they’re still killers.
    There is a small market by my house which should have been shut down years ago. They sold old meat, old produce, old dairy products, etc. They sold beer and cigarrettes to kids.
    They remodeled the front of this dump, painted the inside, new floor, etc…but they still sell old meat, old produce, old dairy products and beer and cigarettes to kids.
    Planned Parenthood: New look, same old garbage product.

  16. Hal, dressing up an abortion clinic is lipstick on a pig. It’s killing babies. You’re not going to attract the best and brightest no matter how smart the wallpaper or how many potted plants you strew about.
    Posted by: Christina at March 9, 2009 7:51 PM
    -One of the smartest, hardest working doctors I know worked for PP. I’m sure she’d take offense to your assessment that she was not one of the best and brightest in her medical school class.

  17. One of the smartest, hardest working doctors I know worked for PP.
    Well, if she’s such a talented doctor, I’m sure she could of done better and put her abilities to work better somewhere else ;-)

  18. The abortionist is not just a practitioner practicing his/her trade but a practitioner trained to do good and using the training to do evil.
    From the book
    The Scarlet Lady by Carol Everett

  19. Who cares! he was doing is job, and nobody died from what he was doing, his clinic was very nice and clean theres no “junk” in the parking lots mabe the stupid one who started his place on fire had made a better choice he wouldnt have to use the gas generator, the inside looks alot nicer on the inside and the people there are extremly nice so maybe we should all hink a little

  20. I would just like to inform everyone who reads this, and those who have commented on this. LeRoy Carhart is a very polite, very professional man. He gives woman a choice.
    The clinic is very clean, and well kept. The “Pro-Life” protestors that are stationed outside the clinic constistantly throw trash, and other things out in the parking lot.
    I am a Roman Catholic, and attended Catholic school for a time period of twelve years, and I am a very spiritual person. I will pray of all of you every night.
    I very much hope that everyone who judge’s someone else, throughly looks at themselves first and the mistakes that they make first. Only Jesus Christ is capable of judge me, you, or anyone else.
    “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”
    (Also, I will not be checking this at all, so feel free to leave comments, but you shall be wasting your time. God Bless)

  21. I wonder how many of you sanctity of life types have ever spared a single thought for the tens of thousands of Iraqis slaughtered by high explosives dropped from thousands of feet in the air for no greater reason than being born in the wrong country at the wrong time. Surely that number included some fetal-iraqis, and it certainly includes a large number of the post-born.When you all manage, if ever to get the procedure totally outlawed then talk. I suspect you all believe that prohibition would mean the end of abortion just like Carrie Nation probably thought prohibition would end drinking.

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