USA Today requested an op ed from me on the topic of in vitro fertilization regulation, and I was grateful for the opportunity. It is published today. Here’s a snip:

The sensational story of Nadya Suleman giving birth to octuplets after in vitro fertilization of multiple embryos has spotlighted the need to regulate this Wild West of women’s reproductive care.

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Now is the time for pro-lifers to introduce legislation in their states regulating IVF and, with it, the creation and care of embryos….
A movement in this direction is gathering force. Louisiana has had a law since 1986 defining ex-utero embryos as human beings with inherent rights. Embryos cannot be destroyed for research. Court disputes over abandoned embryos must be decided in the best interest of the embryo. At least 5 other states are considering legislation defining an embryo as a person….
The Suleman case has exposed a need to regulate the IVF industry, the sooner the better. Currently sea turtles in the US enjoy more procreative protection than women and children.

And here is USA Today’s editorial opposing IVF regulation.