AP: Sebelius “lowballed” Tiller campaign donations

UPDATE, 10:10a: A Senate source has emailed, “Looking into this. Confirmed not a perjury issue as questions for the record are not answered under oath.”
Tom McClusky of the Family Research Council’s blog The Cloakroom reported April 6:

I personally talked to at least 3 Senators and 1 Senate office, including a pro-life Democrat, and all of them cited Sen. Sam Brownback’s (R-KS) early and strong support for Governor Sebelius as reasons not to “rock the boat” on the Governor’s nomination. This was also an explanation for her receiving no questions at her hearing on the life issue or her close ties to late term abortionist George Tiller.

So pro-lifers are fighting an uphill battle thanks to 1 of our supposed own to defeat Katheen Sebelius as President Abortion’s nominee for Health and Human Services Secretary.
But Sebelius just helped, by lying about her relationship with infamous KS late-term abortionist George Tiller.
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The AP headline was too kind. “Lowballed”? In actuality, Sebelius lied. Sen. Kyl specifically asked her about any $ Tiller gave to her PAC.
Furthermore, even the AP didn’t fully explain the story (on page 2)….

As Kansas Meadowlark reported:

While Gov. Sebelius only credited Dr. Tiller with $12,450 in contributions, and the actual figure was $38,450, Dr. Tiller and his PAC spent at least $1.85 million in support of Gov. Sebelius and KS Democrats since 2002.

So here’s the AP story, March 13:

President Barack Obama’s health secretary nominee got nearly 3 times as much political money from a controversial abortion doctor as she told senators.
The Health and Human Services Department said Monday that the omission was an oversight that KS Gov. Kathleen Sebelius would correct.

In a response to questions from the Senate Finance Committee made public last week, Sebelius wrote that she received $12,450 between 1994-2001 from Dr. George Tiller, one of the nation’s few late-term abortion providers.
But in addition to those campaign donations, records reviewed by the AP show Tiller gave at least $23k more from 2000-02 to a political action committee Sebelius established while insurance commissioner to raise money for fellow Democrats.
Sebelius did not tell senators about that additional money, although Sen. Jon Kyl, R-AZ, asked specifically about any Tiller donations to her PAC….

“There was an oversight in the initial answer provided to the committee,” HHS spokesman Nick Papas said Monday. “Obviously donations to the PAC are a matter of public record. The governor is updating the answer to this question and will resubmit it to the committee.”
It was the second time in her confirmation process that Sebelius had to explain a financial oversight to the Finance Committee. Earlier, she corrected 3 years’ worth of tax returns and paid more than $7k in back taxes to fix improper deductions.
Anti-abortion groups have sought to make an issue of Sebelius’ pro-abortion stances and her ties to Tiller, who was acquitted last month of misdemeanor charges stemming from procedures he performed but is now under investigation by the state medical board.
Opponents have criticized Republicans on the Finance Committee for not asking Sebelius about Tiller or abortion when she appeared for her confirmation hearing April 2. Senators raised the issue only in written questions submitted to Sebelius after her hearing, which were released last Thursday along with her responses.
“Can you describe your relationship with Mr. Tiller?” Kyl asked. “Has he ever contributed to your campaign or has your PAC ever received money from Mr. Tiller or a PAC related to Mr. Tiller?”
Sebelius responded: “I have been familiar with Dr. Tiller for many years because he lives and works in KS. Dr. Tiller, like many Kansans, contributed to my campaign for insurance commissioner. I received $12,450 over an 8-year period (1994-2001), which represented 1% of my total contributions during that time. Since that time, I have received no donations from Dr. Tiller or any PAC related to him.”
What Sebelius left out: Campaign finance documents show that Tiller also contributed $10k to Sebelius’ Bluestem Fund PAC in September 2000, and his clinic, Women’s Health Care Services, contributed $8k to the PAC in December 2001 and another $5k in March 2002.
The Finance Committee was expected to vote this month on forwarding Sebelius’ nomination to the full Senate. There was no immediate indication from committee Republicans that her omission on the Tiller contributions would upset that timing.
The anti-abortion group Operation Rescue, which is opposing Sebelius’ nomination, circulated the campaign finance documents showing the discrepancy in what Sebelius told senators. The records were reviewed Monday by the AP and their accuracy was verified by the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission.

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  1. So although Sebelius needs to clear up some “discrepancies” as to how much blood money she actually got from Tiller it sounds virtually certain she will become health secretary thanks at least partly due to Brownback.
    However I can certainly understand why Tiller supported her as she was one of his biggest enablers.

  2. The leftists are not know for facts and truth.
    Tax cheats are not known for accurate reports.
    Sabellious is a tax cheat and will lie on a report. she fits the culture accurately.

  3. “Confirmed not a perjury issue as questions for the record are not answered under oath.”
    You are being questioned by a Senate committee and you need to take an oath to tell the truth??
    Am I missing something here?

  4. Word of the day
    If you tell yourself something often enough , it becomes your own truth.

  5. No Janet, THIS is the kind of “change” Obama had in mind all along…people were just fooled into believing a positive Change would come off of his presidency…
    We (pro-lifers) already knew what would potentially happen if/when he wins…but we are still shocked when it ‘actually’ happens.

  6. RSD, we weren’t fooled. We are getting the leadership we wanted so much. People seem pretty happy with Obama’s actions so far. You should have heard the reception the Georgetown University students gave him today. And they’re a Catholic university as I recall…

  7. “And [Georgetown is] a Catholic university as I recall… ”
    Yup- or least they we’re founded as one…

  8. “We are getting the leadership we wanted so much”
    Oh so true, Hal…you and the rest of your pro-abort ilk…

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