by Carder
headnew.jpgTomorrow, April 15, over 600 cities in all 50 states will participate in the National Tax Day Tea Party, a grassroots movement dedicated to sending the message that we the people demand that Congress and the Obama administration stop the reckless spending, bailouts, and burdensome taxes.
This will mark my third tea party in central FL, as Orlando hosted one each in February and March, attracting over 5,000 patriots.
I didn’t expect a pro-life connection….

Lloyd Marcus was the headline performer for the Orlando Tea Party on March 21, and is scheduled to perform at the Sacramento Tea Party. He was recently profiled on PJTV in anticipation of the National Tax Day Tea Party.
LloydMarcus WhiteFormalHeadShot_15TWO.jpgMarcus has recorded a song about a woman who received an unexpected phone call from the son she placed for adoption 43 years prior, at age 15. I was so touched by the message and tone of the song that I phoned him to ask about it.
The song, as it turns out, is based on a true story. For decades there was no communication between the woman and her son, until one day she answered the phone and heard “Hello, Mom, it’s me.”
That woman is none other than World Net Daily columnist and Blog Talk Radio hostess Andrea Shea King. King’s voice is featured in the song, answering the phone. She was also one of the distinguished speakers in Orlando, sharing the stage with Marcus and others.
Find your state and local tea parties here or here.
JLS notes:

  • I’ll be attending my local tea party in Joliet, IL.
  • American Right to Life is recommending in an email alert that pro-lifers “join” or “crash” – depending on whether 1 feels welcome or not – tea parties with graphic signs of aborted children, stating it will have truth trucks at a couple tea party locations. While I sometimes disagree with ARTL’s strategy, in this case I agree:

    When the innocent are being slaughtered wholesale in a government-sanctioned systematic genocide, other ministries, to alcoholics, to the illiterate, to over-burdened tax-payers, etc., remain valid, but should be prioritized and put in perspective.
    And please don’t worry about “upsetting some conservatives” by interfering with “their” event. To end child killing, we’re going to have to greatly increase the social tension over abortion, and since we’ve maximized our efforts over the years to confront the abortionists, the increase in social tension over child killing will have to target conservatives and Republicans who have grown comfortable and tolerant of de-criminalized abortion.

    [Images courtesy of LetFreedomRingUSA and]

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