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  • The latest 40 Days for Life campaign has come to a close, with the lives of 384 babies saved from abortion.
    Some clinics saw their patient loads cut in half and closed early each day. These results are due to the efforts of praying pro-lifers….

    According to Shawn Carney, the spring campaign director, 41+ day efforts are now beginning around the country. Many groups plan to continue their prayer vigils once a week or more outside their local abortion clinics.
    The fall campaign is set to kick off on September 23 and continue through November 1.

  • DeathRoe notes a Right Side News article regarding the ND Personhood Amendment.
    Four days before the hearing on HB 1572, Catholic Bishops Paul Zipfel of Bismarck and Samuel Aquila of Fargo called a news conference to announce they “could not support the bill as written.”
    Their opposition to acknowledging the unborn as “persons” is based on the belief that “women should never be held legally liable for procuring abortions and that the repeal of Roe would do just that” in ND.
    The article continues:

    While Bishop Zipfel and the ND Catholic Conference use the right rhetoric and claim they wish to provide “a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade and its progeny,” their actions speak louder than their words.
    They propose to gut a bill that poses one simple question to the Supreme Court: In the absence of a U.S. Constitutional definition of “person,” can a state define “person”? They replace it with confusion and ambiguity, and…leave out the critical term.
    Why didn’t the Bishops introduce their own bill if they believe they know how to challenge Roe?…Their actions challenging the bill may well ensure its failure. For those who wonder why abortion, after 36 years, is still taking almost 1.5 million lives each year in the US, the Bishops’ actions in ND help to answer that question.

    The Bishops have a reputation for defending Roe, even while claiming to oppose it.

  • Valerie Jane at 2SecondsFaster blogs about a FindLaw article that disturbingly refers to children born alive during abortions as “fetuses”:

    How far will we go? Will a newborn 5 days old be referred to as a living fetus so we can feel better about infant euthanasia? This article…really does shed some light on the state of our country right now considering the majority of politicians are lawyers.

    The article’s author, attorney Sherry F. Colb, calls the unborn child a “creature” and “unwelcome intruder,” who is “innocent of any intentional wrongdoing” but of course, must be eradicated if there against the woman’s will.
    Colb goes on to defend Belkis Gonzalez and her actions in killing the infant daughter of Sycloria Williams, assuming a “customer is always right” mentality: Williams paid for an abortion, and not giving her the intended result might have angered her.

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