I haven’t seen either version of Alfie, so I had no idea…

Filling in the blanks, from LifeIssues.net

Set in Britain in the sixties, the film highlights Alfie Elkins, a sexual libertine who is adept in the ways of women….
Alfie has a sexual interlude with an older woman…. [Lily] becomes pregnant, and Alfie arranges to have an abortionist come to his apartment. After the abortion is induced, Lily returns to her husband and children, and Alfie returns to his sexual libertinism….
The inability to read Alfie’s facial expression changes, however, when he enters the kitchen where the abortion has occurred; the close-up as he views his unborn child shows just how tortured he is by the realization that he is responsible for having killed his child….

No, this sort of honest depiction of abortion wouldn’t do in 2009.
[HT: Lila Rose]