Last year Planned Parenthood used the mother-daughter pro-abortion team of Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow as its Mother’s Day
pitch(fork) women.
This year it’s children’s book author Judy Blume. Not that Judy was considered harmless and child friendly before now, despite her target audience. Wikipedia reports, “She is recognized as one of the most banned children’s authors in the United States…. Forever was the second most challenged book of 2005, according to the American Library Association.”
We now know Judy means to target her audience yet another way, by supporting the US’s largest abortion provider.
Sometimes I think PP does these things just to aggravate us. “There is no organization that I know of that supports motherhood and all that it means more than Planned Parenthood”? This is so ridiculous I have to laugh. Click to enlarge…
pp mothers day judy blume.jpg