by intern Andy M.
bernie.jpgIn March, reported that the Department of Homeland Security had included pro-lifers and war veterans on a list of potential domestic terrorists. Within hours the damning report had been withdrawn with someone no doubt receiving a fairly sharp rap over the knuckles behind the scenes.
However, the recall of the report does not mean the sentiments outlined in it are not those of the DHS. It is merely a case of the department showing its hand prematurely.
Take a step back when you read the name of the report, “Rightwing extremism: current economic and political climate fueling resurgence in radicalization and recruitment,” referred to as “political profiling” by 1 top Republican source….

It’s a travesty that taxpayer dollars should be wasted on such ridiculous scaremongering. This sort of thing is similar to Hitler pointing the finger at the Jews as the cause of many of the problems with Germany’s society and economy.
The report may have been withdrawn, but that wasn’t good enough for the House Homeland Security Committee.
In a unanimous vote, Democrats and Republicans came together to approve a resolution calling for DHS secretary Janet Napolitano (who despite that was reportedly on Obama’s short list of 4 to nominate for the US Supreme Court justice) to turn over all the documents referenced in compiling the report.
This from the Washington Times, May 20:

“When this DHS-produced assessment first surfaced in April, like many Americans, I had issues with its content,” said Rep. Bennie Thompson (pictured above right), MS Democrat and committee chairman.
“Certainly its definition of ‘right-wing extremism,’ which did not clarify that extremist violence was the department’s true focus, raised considerable concern,” Mr. Thompson said. “So did the suggestion that returning war veterans posed a potential threat to the homeland.”

Quite the change of heart, considering that according to Fox News, Thompson originally “balked” at Republicans’ suggestions to probe the motives of the DHS report, calling it a “GOP stunt aimed at embarrassing the new administration.”
Democrat sensitivity to criticisms of military nonsupport likely got to him and others.
But when the documents are released, it should become clear which people and organizations were responsible for accusing not only war veterans but also pro-lifers of being potential domestic terrorists.
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