This cartoon by Signe Wilkinson was posted in the Nashville Tennessean on Mother’s Day:
Bristol Palin recently became an ambassador and spokesperson for the Candie’s Foundation, as reported in a recent (Prolifer)ations.
As someone who had a child out of wedlock, Bristol is being mercilessly mocked for speaking out in behalf of abstinence….

But who better to testify that abstinence is the only guaranteed way to avoid teen pregnancy than one who has been there?
When those choosing to abstain make proclamations like “True Love Waits” they are lambasted for being “unrealistic” even if they maintain their virginity.
When teens who did not abstain learn from their mistakes and begin to reach out to other teens saying, “Don’t make the same mistakes I made; find the strength to abstain,” they are mocked.
Looks like the only way you can win in the media is if you readily, indignantly assert that you have no morals, no self-control, and no sense of remorse – and neither should anyone else.
[HT: Suzie Allen]