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  • Reuters has a story on research which follows whether women who are childhood cancer survivors have higher rates of abortion than siblings who didn’t have childhood cancer:

    Women who survive childhood cancer are no more or less likely to opt for an abortion during pregnancy than unaffected women, new research from Denmark suggests.
    These findings run counter to those in a recent report from the US in which induced abortions were significantly more common among female cancer survivors than among their female siblings without a cancer history, according to the researchers.

  • A member of the USAF stationed in AK is facing jail time after allegedly putting the abortion drug Misoprostol into his wife’s food and causing her to miscarry. KTUU reports…

    When Boie found out his wife Caylinn was pregnant, he asked her to get an abortion, she said Thursday. They fought about it, she said, but in the end Caylinn decided to keep the baby.
    Evidence showed Boie’s computer had a Google search for “at-home abortion methods.”
    Boie said he found [the drug], which is used for stomach ulcers and is known to cause miscarriage. He also admitted to tampering with his wife’s food.

  • The Korea Times has another new name for human cloning after the country decided to lift its ban on the research: “somatic stem cell research.” The editorial also has this completely ridiculous assertion:

    No one can deny the fact that this research has great potential to find cures for intractable diseases.

    I deny it along with any honest person who knows how inefficient and wasteful human cloning research is.

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