Well, here’s an interesting one, from Laos, where abortion except to save the life of the mother is illegal. According to CNN:

A British woman facing possible execution in Laos will escape the death sentence because she is pregnant….
The country’s criminal law prohibits courts from sentencing pregnant women to death…. The woman’s trial… is likely to happen next week.
Samantha Orobator, 20, was facing death by firing squad for drug trafficking…. She was arrested August 5….
Orobator was alleged to have been carrying just over half a kilogram (about 1lb) of heroin…. Those found guilty of carrying that amount normally face the death penalty….

So here we have a case of a preborn baby saving the life of the mother. If the mom aborts her baby, she’ll be aborted.
What if this were America? What if a mother on death row wants to abort her baby? An execution would take care of that. But to my knowledge every state disallows execution of pregnant women (why?), while at the same time allowing pregnant women to execute their babies.
Legalized abortion sure complicates things.
[Photo courtesy of the Associated Press]