081nd.jpgI was at the Notre Dame Grotto this afternoon watching Fr. Frank Pavone speak to pro-life graduates who refused to attend their commencement honoring radical pro-abortion Barack Obama when I got a call from friend Fran that Obama had begun his speech on the other side of campus.
So I listened to Fr. Pavone with one ear and to Barack Obama with my other ear via earpiece as friend Fran placed her phone by her t.v. Needless to say I felt a tad schizophrenic listening to contrary voices in my head….

Barack Obama’s lofty speech can be boiled away in 2 of his statements. The first came after retelling a story from his book, Audacity of Hope, of a doctor who called him out for shrill descriptions of pro-lifers on his Senate campaign website:
obama notre dame commencement.jpg

And I didn’t change my underlying position, but I did tell my staff to change the words on my Web site.

That perfectly describes Obama and his anti-life beliefs. He’ll still makes anti-life decisions but change his wording to sound nicer.
His other statement gave the real bottom line:

[T]he fact is that at some level, the views of the two camps are irreconcilable.

Obama was admitting his view on the life issue and our view are irrevocably and diametrically opposed. They’re not fixable. The best he could possibly hope is we can agree to disagree, but he knows that is not going to happen.
And that’s the fact, which means the fight will never end – until we win or Obama’s side kills humans in the world off.
[Obama photo attribution: ABC News]

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