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Turns out Norma McCorvey, the Roe in Roe v. Wade who is now pro-life, wanted to get arrested with Fr. Weslin yesterday and was insulted when police pushed her aside to grab the frail old guy. (Above photo shows Norma to Fr.’s right just before the arrest.) Norma attended the rally last night. This would be the quote of the day were it not Sunday. From Fox News, yesterday…

Asked what she’d say to President Obama if given the opportunity, McCorvey replied, “I can’t talk like that anymore. I’m a Christian.”

LOL. Norma is a character. Keep an eye out for her whereabouts today. It would be quite something if the plaintiff in Roe were arrested.
Spotted this last night:
I’m sure we’ll see more of those homemade rolling billboards today. The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform has given me the green light to ride in one of its Truth Trucks.
I have read Notre Dame president Fr. John Jenkins letter to students.
Besides twisting his faith to fit his poor decision to honor the most radically pro-abortion and pro-all-things death president ever (wishing more than once during the campaign he could undo his Senate vote to try to save Terri Schiavo, which his colleagues approved unanimously; authorizing taxpayer funding of human embryo experimentation) president ever, here was an understatement by Jenkins:

The President’s visit to Notre Dame can help lead to broader engagement on issues of importance to the country and of deep significance to Catholics.

The man is getting his wish. And I have read the leaked text of the honorary degree President Abortion will get, which makes me angry. Even liberal Mother Jones agrees it’s awful, with surprising insight:

With this explanation of Obama’s honorary degree, ND is giving much credit to Obama’s self-proclaimed effort to transcend the seemingly never-ending debates of the culture wars. For [Randall] Terry and his comrades, that’s a heavy dose of salt for their wounds. The text – if accurate – is a tremendous endorsement of a liberal president who supports abortion rights and civil unions. It’s a big win in the culture wars for Obama.

Oh, man. Am getting madder by the minute.
Am going out to breakfast now with Monica and Leslie, and then we’re heading over to St. Joseph’s School, where all the buses will be landing and which will be the pro-life protesters’ staging area. The school is located 6 blocks from ND’s main entrance and at the major intersection of the only route to ND from I80. Citizens for a Pro-Life Society just added a 3rd bus from Detroit due to the response.
This will be a historical day. I’ll try to update here as I can. I’m taking all my electronic gadgets and plugs with me. I know for sure I’ll be able to Twitter and Facebook, so sign up to follow me if you haven’t.
I likely won’t know what’s going on inside the commencement. My role will be to document events outside. Joe Scheidler got a ticket so I’ll hear from him later. Watch tv or read American Papist, who will be tracking events.
[HT for Norma quote: Leslie Hanks; top photo attribution: Boston Globe]

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