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Turns out Norma McCorvey, the Roe in Roe v. Wade who is now pro-life, wanted to get arrested with Fr. Weslin yesterday and was insulted when police pushed her aside to grab the frail old guy. (Above photo shows Norma to Fr.’s right just before the arrest.) Norma attended the rally last night. This would be the quote of the day were it not Sunday. From Fox News, yesterday…

Asked what she’d say to President Obama if given the opportunity, McCorvey replied, “I can’t talk like that anymore. I’m a Christian.”

LOL. Norma is a character. Keep an eye out for her whereabouts today. It would be quite something if the plaintiff in Roe were arrested.
Spotted this last night:
I’m sure we’ll see more of those homemade rolling billboards today. The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform has given me the green light to ride in one of its Truth Trucks.
I have read Notre Dame president Fr. John Jenkins letter to students.
Besides twisting his faith to fit his poor decision to honor the most radically pro-abortion and pro-all-things death president ever (wishing more than once during the campaign he could undo his Senate vote to try to save Terri Schiavo, which his colleagues approved unanimously; authorizing taxpayer funding of human embryo experimentation) president ever, here was an understatement by Jenkins:

The President’s visit to Notre Dame can help lead to broader engagement on issues of importance to the country and of deep significance to Catholics.

The man is getting his wish. And I have read the leaked text of the honorary degree President Abortion will get, which makes me angry. Even liberal Mother Jones agrees it’s awful, with surprising insight:

With this explanation of Obama’s honorary degree, ND is giving much credit to Obama’s self-proclaimed effort to transcend the seemingly never-ending debates of the culture wars. For [Randall] Terry and his comrades, that’s a heavy dose of salt for their wounds. The text – if accurate – is a tremendous endorsement of a liberal president who supports abortion rights and civil unions. It’s a big win in the culture wars for Obama.

Oh, man. Am getting madder by the minute.
Am going out to breakfast now with Monica and Leslie, and then we’re heading over to St. Joseph’s School, where all the buses will be landing and which will be the pro-life protesters’ staging area. The school is located 6 blocks from ND’s main entrance and at the major intersection of the only route to ND from I80. Citizens for a Pro-Life Society just added a 3rd bus from Detroit due to the response.
This will be a historical day. I’ll try to update here as I can. I’m taking all my electronic gadgets and plugs with me. I know for sure I’ll be able to Twitter and Facebook, so sign up to follow me if you haven’t.
I likely won’t know what’s going on inside the commencement. My role will be to document events outside. Joe Scheidler got a ticket so I’ll hear from him later. Watch tv or read American Papist, who will be tracking events.
[HT for Norma quote: Leslie Hanks; top photo attribution: Boston Globe]

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  1. “The President’s visit to Notre Dame can help lead to broader engagement on issues of importance to the country and of deep significance to Catholics.”
    This Father Jenkins character is so full of crap.

  2. Kookapalooza 2009. The grifters are practically knocking each other down to mug for the camera.
    Except for the Phoney Pfalling Pfather who takes a dive whenever he sees a cop.
    Too bad Alan Keyes, just prior to his big date with the camera, suffered the heartbreak of premature incarceration. What a class act.

  3. Bystander,
    Come on, you folks on the left always enjoyed a good protest. Tree sitters, half naked animal wackos who throw fake blood on people, anti war and nuclear demonstrators who have laid down in streets and blocked traffic.
    Its all about who’s ox is being gored, right BS?

  4. Ed, someone else told me about that site, so I just went and looked. Thanks for the reminder……………. Mary, how true. Can’t think of anything quite as silly as the KFC protests by PETA! ha ha! LOL!

  5. going to Mass @ 11:30am today. I will pray for lots of demonstrators and mainly lots of protest INSIDE convocation. I will pray for Fr. Jenkins and the ND trustees who have sold their souls to win the approval of the US President. May God have mercy on you, especially Fr. Jenkins, who represents Christ here on earth.
    To ND graduates, I say to you:”What will you answer to Jesus when he asks you what you did on your graduation day to protect life, to witness for life?”
    Is it really all THAT important to get the piece of paper while not speaking up for your unborn sisters and brothers? You have alot to learn about life.

  6. Go Miss Norma!
    I am happy to see that the media has at least reported …. “Norma McCorvey (the former Jane Roe)in the landmark decision,Roe v.Wade, that legalized abortion, is now pro life.”
    I don’t think that many people are aware of this. I have even met pro lifers who didn’t know.
    It usually gives folks pause for thought.
    I’m glad that she is there.

  7. We’ve got 50 million babies dead. God only knows how many women are wounded or dead as a result of abortion[s]. Suicide, emotional problems, breast cancer, substance abuse, etc. America, we could have done a lot better than this!

  8. Jenkins sure is an eloquent fool, isn’t he? He would have made an excellent President of the Catholic University of Lublin, just a short train ride from Auschwitz.
    Being the man-pleaser he is, I’m sure he would have rolled out the red carpet and provided honorary degrees to Dr. Mengele for his great work advancing medical science, Adolf Eichmann for his unparalleled organizational skills, and Hitler of course for his “gift” of motivating people.
    Jenkins, like all of us, will be judged for his actions. He can say he’s pro-life but his actions betray the motivations of his heart. Clearly, he would rather have the prestige of rubbing shoulders with BO than to take a stand against the slaughter of innocents. He wants us all to embrace his passive, kind and gentle oppostion to genocide.
    The only adjectives I have left to describe the “man” are too vulgar to write.

  9. You’re so right Heather!
    Angel, I don’t know if BS is post-abortive or not but he goes away whenever I try to direct him to the truth.

  10. Heather,
    I was agreeing with what you wrote, not you’re agreement with me!
    That’s funny, makes me look a little egotiscal though.

  11. This holocaust and the last one are mere “culture wars”?
    At least waterboarding they all survive. Abortion is fatal.

  12. LOL that van is hilarious!
    Posted by: reality at May 17, 2009 9:04 AM
    yeah, right. Hilarious. If only we didn’t have to go to such lengths to make people realize that the country is missing 50 million people. Remind yourself of those 50 million people when the demographic crunch comes.
    We don’t have the stench of cremated bodies coming from death camps. We don’t have the sealed trains going through towns in the middle of the night. We don’t have the skeletal people in striped pjamas. We don’t have the vanishing people, never to be seen again.
    All we have is pictures of bloodied dead and dismembered babies to remind us of what goes on at PP and other “clinics”.

  13. Angel,
    I was raised Catholic and treasure my Catholic roots. Since then I’ve attended several other churches with a greater emphasis on personal discipleship and bible study.
    What would we do in this messed up world without our faith in Jesus?

  14. It really must be said: in memoriam for fifty million? Since 1973? Come on, Van With All of the Pictures on It, that’s not right…
    More people than that have died for longer than 1973. To be accurate and really make abortion our enemy (not Roe v. Wade; that’s just a feature, a weapon of abortion) we have to stop saying fifty million. More babies also die around the world. And more also died before it was legal. And more die in abortions that are not performed in a clinic. And, for crying out loud, that number does not represent the women who died in abortion, either!
    Please, Van With All of The Pictures on It, change that number to make it accurate. Please, Van With All of the Pictures on It…

  15. Yes I agree Ed. I hope you will stay with the one true apostolic Church. As much as I dislike what Fr. Jenkins has done, we must try to be respectful in our criticism of him. He truly needs our prayers because he will have a terrible accounting to give to Jesus Christ.
    For me, this whole ND situation has revealed the extent to which the previous generation of Catholics, the priests and bishops have failed to pass on the truth of Catholic teachings. Each little acquiescence has been the stepping stone for the next. We now are faced with millions upon millions of North American Catholics who are catholic in name only.
    We Catholics, must clean our house. And soon.

  16. Hey, here’s the second thing about those pictures: if people are so keen to show pictures (though I grow ill quite easily), then why does no one show images of abortion survivers? Or images of hope? Even if that hopeful image has nothing to do with abortion, it has to do with loving your fellow human being.
    Or, to show that abortion, illegal or otherwise, is cruel, unjust, and deeply misogynistic, why does no one jump to show images of those women who bled to death during an abortion? Why not show the septic wards, the bloodied tools, the death certificates?
    If we show just the children then we also forget the women. And we also forget that anti-abortion rules are there to make us equal, not forgotten. If we focus only on fighting Roe v. Wade then we fight politics, the legality of the deed, and not the deed itself.

  17. because Vannah, there probably aren’t too many women who want their pictures on trucks running around the country.
    And there probably aren’t too many relatives of dead women who want their daughters/wives pictures on these trucks either.
    The truck is trying to demonstrate what CHOICE is. Choice always means a dead baby.

  18. Hey Angel,
    I guess I’ve come to believe that the one true Church is comprised of all of the faithful within the Christian churches. We all have the responsibility to follow Jesus, as His disciples. Through our relationship with Him, He gives us the grace and the strength to live acceptably before Him and be His witnesses in this lost and dying world.
    It’s not just a large segment of the Catholic church that has lost this intimacy with Jesus. All Christian churches are vulnerable to the same temptation to become religious and go through the motions and not consistently, earnestly seek Him. It’s in our old nature to forget about God in the good times and then come running back to Him for help when we get in trouble. I believe this is what Jesus was talking about in the Parable of the 10 Virgins. Five were wise and five were foolish, some took oil in their lamps, some didn’t. I believe that is symbolic of keeping your heart full of His Spirit, seeking Him and following Him, day by day.
    We all need to clean house!
    Jesus help us!

  19. As far as respecting Father Jenkins, I frankly don’t respect someone making such hypocritical statements.
    “The university and I are unequivocally committed to the sanctity of human life and to its protection from conception to natural death.”
    Give me a break.

  20. I’m not saying that we should show pictures of injured women; but we should do something to remember them. Abortion has, for too long, had a tight grip on women and children. Sorry that I was a little fuzzy. :).

  21. Let us not forget that Obama voted against the baby born alive act every time it came to a vote. A baby that survived an abortion was left to die with all the used linens. The act wanted the baby if it survived the abortion to give it medical attention or the very least if dying,give it comfort,at least as much as the terrorist get at gitmo,since the president wants to be sure they are all treated properly. This all boils down to infanticide when a child has survived an abortion and then the child is just thrown away like garbage to die alone and probably in a lot of pain. People in this country would never ever let an animal die like that,that would be an outrage!!!

  22. Hi Ed,
    This is like a Jewish University welcoming a Holocaust denier as a commencement speaker, giving the person an honorary degree, yet still saying they honor the memories of the Holocaust victims.
    Father Jenkins could have permitted that elderly priest onto the campus to pray. What harm could that do? I don’t blame the police.

  23. Some people may not know that McCorvey did not have an abortion but (lucky for the child, considering the birth mom) gave it up for adoption.
    For the past 40 years she has been trying to cash in on her 15 minutes of fame. See above.

  24. A few years ago Norma the Grifter met the greatest grifter of all- Randall Terry and they both saw money and fame- like when Bonnie met Clyde. And the rest, as they say is history.

  25. Bystander,
    So how much money has McCorvey raked in “cashing in” on her “fame”?
    You PC folk keep claiming she “cashed in” but fail to say how much money she has raked in or given any information on her extravagent lifestyle. Does the lady own a couple of homes and a Mercedes? Please elaborate.

  26. Bystander… you definitely do not know the whole story… Just a FEW things you may not know……..Norma also helps women in crisis pregnancies. She fights to overturn Roe. She cares for a disabled friend.The list goes on and on….
    Your sarcasm is way off base. She is a personal friend of mine and you are positively CLUELESS!

  27. Hi angele,
    Maybe you can give us some insight as to how Norma has “cashed in” on her “fame”. PC people who insist she did still won’t give any numbers to back up their claim. Perhaps you can tell us about Norma’s lavish lifestyle.

  28. Bystander,
    Norma’s conversion to the PL cause was not an overnight event, but a long slow process over many years. She did not meet “Clyde” then plot to make a fortune.
    The whole conversion might never have taken place if the elitist PC movement leadership didn’t treat her like white trash. Well, she had served her purpose.
    You should at least try to get your facts straight.

  29. She drives a medium priced vehicle… just got it… had her previous vehicle for 14 years.. she makes less money from “cashing in” on her pro life speaking engagements than a lot of us here do on our regular jobs. she gives significant portions of that to help others..
    bystander.. you surely seem to know a lot… tell me more.

  30. Norma McCorvey is not nearly as wealthy as Tiller and she gets far less fame than he does. Why don’t you comment on his fame-mongering? You have to be fair, Bystander.
    It’s amazing to hear of stories such as hers; she’s a remarkable woman who is strong, experienced, sweet, and not afraid to admit her mistakes and commit to change. And one of the true marks of a human’s triumph over the evil within himself or herself is the ability to admit when he or she has made a mistake.

  31. Good,angele, why don’t you describe in detail Norma’s employment history, criminal history, substance abuse history and personal life history over the past 50 years, since you know so much.

  32. “You should at least try to get your facts straight.
    Posted by: Mary at May 17, 2009 12:00 PM”
    This is impossible for Liberal Pro-Aborts as their value system is based on a lie.
    They lie about Fr. Weslin being assocaited with terrrorists, they lie about Ms. McCorvey. Well, they lie about just about everything. In fact, their moniker, “Pro-Choice” is a complete lie.
    Here’s what I wrote on another post yesterday:
    “Does anyone see a pro-abort pattern here?
    You can have a gentle-as-a-dove pro-life priest offer his frail body in protest…..or you can have me come in as a raging bull.
    The reaction is the same. You see it’s a pro-abort game plan that’s born of a pro-death mind set. It’s origin is satanic.
    And here’s it’s motto:
    “Whenever anyone takes a stand against abortion, we are to demonize them, destroy them, devalue them, cut them down, make them appear as an enemy and threat to everyone. If they are gentle, accuse them of association with dangerous people. If they are vociferous and strong, accuse them of being impolite, ill-mannered and vulgar. But don’t let them make you think that abortion is bad, it is not bad, because we are right and they are the wrong and they are the enemy and must be stopped at all costs”.
    And pro-lifers, you all fall right into the pro-death trap. It is so obvious.
    Our methods of dealing with these murderers must change and they must change soon.
    Posted by: HisMan at May 16, 2009 8:40 PM”

  33. Hi guys. I cannot imagine what it’s like to be in Norma’s shoes. I would hope I’d have half her courage, but I bet I wouldn’t. Like Vannah says, admitting a mistake is hard. I might be able to do that to myself and to my closest friends. But to speak out publicly, to take the hatred from the PC side, I don’t know if I am that strong. That cannot be an easy thing. If the PC crowd doesn’t respect innocent life, they surely cannot be expected to respect one they blame as a turncoat. God bless her!

  34. gimme a break, bystander… you want info on “lady N”… go to amazon and by her book… “Won by Love”…in this book, she chronicles every damned mistake she has ever made and how in the end, she became a Christian, repented, accepted the forgiveness offered through salvation and is trying to make the world a slightly better place.
    seriously, read it… she hides nothing, nada, zip.
    that’s true courage, imho…. why don’t you tell us of every sordid thing you have done in your past? better yet… ask one of your friends to post it here.. you are really being an antagonist… and honestly, I do not understand WHY.
    Whatever the reason, it is plum SILLY.

  35. Bystander, you don’t have to hate her because of what she believes. You don’t have to hate the woman because she knows what she is talking about…she’s been through the courts, through the history books. She was at the center of it all. Since you weren’t, you really cannot hop onto your holy-roller and swear that you know more about this then her.

  36. Bystander 12:13PM
    Again BS, get your facts. Norma has never made any claims to sainthood and is the first to own up to her less than stellar past. The info is there for anyone who wants it.
    You might have a bigger issue with the two lady lawyers, Coffee and Weddington, who were so ready and willing to exploit her pregnancy and difficult circumstances for their cause of legalizing abortion that the truth of the circumstances of her pregnancy were irrelevant. They have never acknowledged if they knew their client Norma was lying or not when she claimed she was a gang rape victim.
    They apparently had no issue with the fact their client’s mental and emotional stability was dubious. I have no idea if after exploiting her circumstance to their benefit, they ever tried to get her any kind of help.
    A pregnancy resulting from a gang rape certainly generates more sympathy than one resulting from an affair with a married man, as did Norma’s.
    Its not like Coffee and Weddington couldn’t get to the truth if they wanted to badly enough, apparently they didn’t want to badly enough.
    These ladies would become PC heroines.
    So if we’re going to discuss character flaws BS, we might include those of Weddington and Coffee.

  37. On further reflection, everything Norma has done in life, including her publicity-seeking today, seems rooted in abuse and exploitation of her by others for their own selfish purposes. Nothing is gained by dwelling on it, so I won’t

  38. Posted by: Bystander at May 15, 2009 6:40 PM
    “I am confident the university and law enforcement can protect all participants against the publicity-seeking thugs.”
    The wicked flee in terror when no one pursues because they are bullies and cowards.
    Please identify the ‘thugs’ on the video.
    Give us a description like you would if you were filing a police report.
    Gender, hair color, age, ethnicity, what they were wearing any identifying tatoos, scarrs, body piercings, etc.
    Give us the time that the ‘thugs’ were threatening or assauting anyone.
    I thought I saw a man and woman who resembled Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn, but I might have been mistaken.
    Please help us we want to avoid ‘thugs’ like Ayers and Dorhn.
    yor bro ken

  39. Bystander 1:07PM
    I’m glad we agree that Norma and her unfortunate circumstances were exploited by Weddington and Coffee for their own purposes.

  40. LOL, just read Obama said “both sides have to stop demonizing the other.” Guess that’s why he put pro-life people on the terrorist watch list. What a joke.

  41. bystander, at last we agree on something. no, it was not weddington who caused her to risk arrest today… it was her conviction to fight for the voiceless innocent human beings that many of us here seek to protect.
    i think i asked you this on another thread… for what helpless entity would you stand up for? risk shame, exploitation and humiliation for in order to protect or save them?
    i’m not taunting you… i am curious, in earnest.

  42. Good,angele, why don’t you describe in detail Norma’s employment history, criminal history, substance abuse history and personal life history over the past 50 years, since you know so much.
    Posted by: Bystander at May 17, 2009 12:13 PM————————————————————- Who cares? People change. You could dig up plenty of dirt on the dems. Face it, you just hate her cuz she’s PL!

  43. The woman to the right of Fr Weslin is Joan Andrews Bell who has spent years in jail, many in solitary confinement, protesting abortion.
    Joan is the wife of Chris Bell, who with Fr Benedict Groeschel runs 5 homes for unwed moms.

  44. Hey Carla, yes we should have. I was invited to go with some folks back in March and regrettably declined. I emailed Jill on Friday and she said she was going. I was -thisdarnedclose- to going but had a family thing I felt obliged to go too. (checked airfare and
    I was torn all weekend!!!
    Luckily a few friends were there and called or text me with updates… the next best thing to being there. :)
    After my Mimi and I watched a bit of the coverage she said, “You should be there Princess. Go next time and make your Mimi proud!” She is so amazing.
    We should have Carla.. but we were there in spirit and prayer!! : )

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