Notre Dame’s just desserts

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The title of this piece on great dessert finds in the South Bend area, published in Notre Dame’s student newspaper, The Observer, couldn’t be more ironic. And the intro is a hoot:
mile high pie.jpg

Before this article on food and desserts in South Bend, I need to acknowledge that now (Tuesday night) is perhaps the worst time in my 5 years at Notre Dame to try to write an appetizing article. A case of swine flu was just confirmed at Notre Dame, and I can’t help but hear the buzzing from the low-flying plane with the abortion banner – with picture.
That being said, there’s never been a better time to get off campus for a meal!…

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9 thoughts on “Notre Dame’s just desserts”

  1. Since you have determined that you have every right to threaten and intimidate everyone on campus, why stop with buzzing them in a plane?
    Why not set fires, set off bombs, and randomly beat sudents? THAT will force them to accept your views!

  2. mmmmmmm…..Pie…….*drools*
    That sounds like a tactic used by racists in the 1960s during the Civil Rights Movement. Pro Lifers don’t use those kinds of tactics.

  3. That also sounds like abortion, a tactic used by the founder of Planned Parenthood in her program of eugenics, to get rid of black-skinned people and people of other inferior ethnic backgrounds.

  4. Well Liz, the far right wing hasn’t evolved much in 45 years.
    And Jon, you are so anxious to switch topics. Does something about bullying students on campus bother you?

  5. Who is bullying students on campus, Bystander? I simply noted–further to Liz’s note–that if anyone is doing any bullying, it’s Planned Parenthood. They seduce girls. They undermine parental authority. They foster unhealthy lifestyles. They kill people for a living. And to make that living more lucrative, they take American tax dollars.
    I should also note that Notre Dame University is bullying. They’re hijacking a graduation to force their evil agenda on the Roman Catholic Church. Of course, the speaker for a graduation should be one that all the graduates–and the university–agree with. Graduation is a time for congratulations, not battle. But the leadership of this university seems to be wolves in sheep skins. Their choice is more than a disruption; the honorary degree proves that it’s a farce.
    So, staying right on topic, I note that Notre Dame is getting its just deserts if resident “pro-choice” (hypocritical) Roman Catholic staff and students are annoyed by the plane. They are the rebels.

  6. Is there any bigger bully than one who slices up a human being who hasn’t even been born yet? That’s what this is about; honoring someone who believes that this “ultimate form” of bullying should be legal.

  7. “Of course, the speaker for a graduation should be one that all the graduates–and the university–agree with”
    That’s an impossible goal.

  8. It shouldn’t be, Hal. One would expect that a Roman Catholic university would uphold Roman Catholic teaching and all graduates would expect the Roman Catholic university to uphold such Roman Catholic teaching. I’m not a Baptist, but when I went to a Baptist high school, I did not try to pick fights over Baptist doctrine because I realized that the high school was a Baptist high school. Make sense? Perhaps there is more “impossibility” in your secular humanist world?

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